The Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE)

The Division of Professional & Career Education, through our partnerships, offers you access to training and qualifications of a national and international standard.
PACE is well positioned to provide high quality, cost-effective, workforce training to prepare a skilled work force for the future. As well as providing leadership in workforce development through adult basic and workplace literacy education, adult vocational, and vocational non-credit courses.


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PACE opportunities include Contract Training designed to meet organizational specific needs and detailed Occupational Nationally Required Criteria that falls outside the college-credit programme.

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PACE Advantages:

  • Focus on career/job preparation and lifelong learning as fundamental missions
  • Extensive, effective links with local business, industry, labour, and government constituents
  • Provision of high-quality training/retraining at a reasonable cost
  • Continued emphasis on customer-focused, workforce training partnerships with local business/industry constituents.
  • Access to training and qualifications to national and international standards.

The vision for the future of the Division of Professional & Career Education at Bermuda College is to optimize the current courses using a process of evaluation; review the total offerings and confirm that we are realizing the potential in the full scope of all items contained in our PACE offerings. We also plan to aggressively grow by working with the local workforce to confirm what the actual need is. As we collect this data it will help PACE to identify what we can add to our already successful local and external offerings.


Certificates & Professional Designations
Exercise Science
Facilities Management
Health and Beauty
  • Certificate for Nursing Assistants
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Programme
  • Medical Billing and Coding TDS NUR44 SEC A1 Online-Self Paced
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Bridging Programme for Nursing Assistants
  • Elder Care Workshop Series

    This series aims to improve and provide more comprehensive services to elderly clients. Offering one session per month to cover a specific elder care topic. All workshops will be held online via Zoom.

    Topic: Personal Care, Hygiene and Grooming
    Code: TDS CCW1
    Date: Thursday, June 17th 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

    Topic: End of Life Care
    Code: TDS CCW2
    Date: Thursday, July 15th 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

    Topic: Wound Care/ Pressure Ulcers
    Code: TDS CCW3
    Date: Thursday, August 19th 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50 

    Topic: Work Ethics / Landing the Best Job for You
    Code: TDS CCW4
    Date: Thursday, September 16th 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

    Topic: Health Care Communication
    Code: TDS CCW5
    Date: Thursday, October 21st 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

    Topic: Role of the Nursing Associate in Activities
    Code: TDS CCW6
    Date: Thursday, November 18th 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

    Topic: The Role of the Nursing Associate
    Code: TDS CCW7
    Date: Thursday, December 2nd 6:00-9:00pm
    Cost: $50

Hospitality and Entertainment
Information Technology
Short Training & Exam Review Courses
  • Bartending  FAB 815
    Bar-Train BDA is a fast paced, intense Bartending workout; Designed to develop Students Bar-Ready! We focus on the basics of bartending and so much more. We look at classic cocktails alongside their contemporary variations and then use this knowledge to create unique cocktails! 

    We focus on techniques, tools, glassware, both classic and contemporary, and host a few Master Classes within to develop a well-rounded insight into what the world of Bartending used to be and what it is developing into today! Such Master Classes include Infusions, Rum, and Wine!
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  • Introduction to Real Estate   RST 860
    Provides the fundamental knowledge required for those navigating the Bermuda real estate market and those entering the real estate industry. The content for the course is designed around the requirements for the Bermuda Real Estate Exam. *New Dates: 14 June – 14 July
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  • Marine Navigation 
    • Summer Semester  *New Dates: 14 June – 12 July
      Marine Engine Drivers NAV 855

      The five-week, Engine Drivers, course will cover material required to sit the Bermuda Governments Marine & Ports - Engine Drivers Exam. The course will cover, in depth, General Mechanics, Electrical, Boat Safety, Hull & Fittings, Theory of Combustion Engine, Engines Diesel and Gasoline

    • Fall Semester
      Chart to Electronic Navigation 
      NAV 895

      This basic course covers the syllabus for the Marine and Ports Local Licenses to “C” Class covering coastal navigation in local and international waters.

    • Spring Semester
      Seamanship and Inshore Navigation NAV 850

      “Seamanship and Inshore Navigation”. This introductory course will cover all areas of general boating knowledge including Bermuda Rules and Regulations, Understanding ropes and knots, Rules of the Road, Docking, Anchoring, Aids to Navigation as well as all in-shore channel marks and lights for the Marine and Ports “A & B” navigation license.

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Professional Development Courses & Workshops

Basic introduction to agricultural technology.
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Water Quality
A holistic approach to water quality control in Bermuda.
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Waste Management
Interactive course providing basic knowledge of the concepts and tools essential for operating wastewater treatment facilities
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Building Financial Literacy
An introduction to basic money and financial concepts to help you build practical financial skills and begin to take control of and manage your financial future.
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New Data Privacy Workshops These workshops will help you understand the risks and security requirements that are necessary to protect your family and your customer's online data.  Learn more about the newly enacted data privacy laws such as PIPA, GDPR and global laws that affect Bermuda.  Technical knowledge is not required.
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Global Knowledge Project Management Training Courses
Courses: Project Management Fundamentals, I.T. Project Management, Project Management-Leadership and Communication, Project Management-Risk Management and Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam Prep Boot Camp.
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Blockchain Courses
Courses: Blockchain Overview and Blockchain in Healthcare
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Courses: Intro to Cybersecurity and Cyber Foundations 
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Information Technology (I.T) Certifications
Courses: CompTIA Security + Prep Course, CEH-Certified Ethical Hacker v10, SANS GIAC Security Essentials, CISSP- Certified Information Systems Security Professionals, CISM- Certified Information Systems Manager and Architecting on AWS.
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Online Professional Development Courses
Business Communication
Human Resources
New Media Marketing
Personal Development
Social Media for Business
Technology Skills
Training and Education
Training for K12 Teachers


What to do now:

1. Click on the certificate or course of interest above 
2. View the course schedule for time, dates, pricing and course codes
3. Complete a PACE registration form located here PACE Registration
4. Send the registration form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be processed. Copy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
5. If you have questions about the courses please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What You do:

  1. In the online classroom,
    - listen to audio lectures,
    - view slides,
    - even take an optional quiz to test yourself.
  2. Discussion and Questions. Then post written comments in the online discussion with your fellow participants and the instructor.  Your instructor logs on once a day to answer questions and join in on the discussion.
  3. Readings. Many courses have online readings of up to 20 pages a week.
  4. Participate anytime of day or night. The ideal is to go online 2-3 times a week, but you decide.

It’s easy! It’s fun.

Most courses are offered 4 times a year.

Classes start the first Monday of the month.

New to online learning?  Our online learning tutorial begins the week before classes start.

Technical requirements:
- Internet access.
- Speakers or headphones to listen to the audio.





Duane Jones
Dejaneé Hill-Edwards, B.Sc., M.Sc. |  BC ALUMNI
CLASS OF 2016 - Associate in Applied Science (Business Administration)


Arch Reinsurance Ltd. | Underwriting Assistant

"I was among the first cohort of full-time dual enrolment students at Bermuda College. I was introduced to the programme in my second year at Berkeley, and started in August 2015 when I was 15 years old. I was a bit hesitant with the academic side of it, but knew it could be handled. Socially, it was challenging. I was one of the youngest students on campus. 

While there were many faculty and staff who assisted me along my Bermuda  College journey, faculty that really stood out to me were Craig Simmons (economics lecturer) and Ann Parsons (accounting lecturer). Necheeka Trott (Dual Enrolment Advisor/ math lecturer), and Thaao Dill (Recruitment Officer) helped the dual enrolment students tremendously with choosing classes and making sure we were well equipped. I was honoured to be one of two student speakers at the College’s 2016 Commencement.

I was able to transfer most of my credits to St. John's University in New York. Bermuda College had provided a good academic foundation. The College was also a huge help with identifying scholarship opportunities, providing references and giving overall sound advice. I graduated from St. John's in 2019 with my Bachelor's degree in Quantitative Risk & Insurance. From there I was accepted into Bayes Business School (formerly cass) in the UK, which is extremely competitive, and enrolled into its Finanace programme. I wanted to be more diversified, and start fresh and at a new level  in a new environment. But the pandemic hit and I returned home just before Bermuda closed its borders. However, I successfully completed my courses and final dissertation online, earning my Masters degree in Corporate Finance. "

In her own words ...