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Voices in Education: Journal of Bermuda College  (ISSN: 2059-0695) is a multidisciplinary peer reviewed journal that is published yearly.  The aim of the Journal is to heighten awareness of current trends, to encourage discourse and practice, to challenge thinking, and to widen and strengthen the scope of research in education.


The BC Publication Committee invites submissions for Volume 5, August 2019. There will be continued emphasis on Student Success: A National Focus. However, the theme for Volume 5 is the following:

“Educational Leadership: Administrative, Collegial, Classroom, and Corporate”

The nature and quality of Education Leadership impacts learning. Its demonstrable effects are visibly reflected in institutions ranging from schools, training and development organisations, to corporate education. In each of these forums, setting goals, creating a vision, influencing others to share it, and leading them in its execution while providing for their development as future leaders are fundamental aspects of good leadership. Leadership then becomes proactive, inspirational, engaging, and rewarding.

Topics may include:

  • Leadership Theories and Models
  • Transformational Strategic Planning
  • Curricular Development
  • Education Leadership in Business and Beyond
  • Leading Education Connections between Business and the Community
  • Teachers as Leaders
  • Teachers as Researchers
  • Characteristics of Effective Education Leaders
  • Data Based Decision Making
  • Developing Leadership Skills in Students/Employees
  • Leadership Assessments of Teachers/Administrators
  • Succession Planning in Education Organizations
  • Leading School Wide (or School System) Change
  • Political Issues that Impact Education Leadership

We also invite book reviews on these and relevant topics. 

All submissions must be received on or before FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2018

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