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The strength of this organization involves over three thousands alumni from Bermuda College and its amalgamated entities – the Bermuda Technical Institute, the Bermuda Hotel & Catering College, and the Academic Sixth Form Centre.

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Duane Jones
Cyril Whitter, Jr. |  BC ALUMNI
CLASS OF 1978 - Diploma in Accountancy


Independent Management Ltd. | President, CEO

"I graduated from The Berkeley Institute, couldn’t find a job, and decided to go instead to Bermuda College. I enrolled in the accountancy programme, which was a three-year course at the time.

I was on schedule to graduate in 1978, but before I even graduated, my accounting professor, Mr. Ian Graham, had secured a job for me. I started working as an Insurance Accountant at Jardine Pinehurst Management Company, a company that managed insurance companies, when I was 20 years old, and had no idea about the field I was entering.  It was my introduction to the international insurance industry. Bermuda College prepared me so well, I could confidently navigate any business environment with the skills I learned: business, management, statistics, accounting, law, and em-ployment practices.  In my first seven years at Jardine Pinehurst, I was promoted three times. At 27, I was Vice President of the Company. The quality of a Bermuda College education will get your foot in the door; after that, it’s completely and totally up to you.

For a time, I worked with my father in construction.  That’s where I gained my work ethic. He always said ‘If you’re going to do a job, do it well.’ He wanted to see me succeed in my profession as an accountant. So when I would work until 9 or 9:30 every night at Jardine, it wasn’t because I had to, or was told to; it was because I wanted to be like him and seek excellence in everything I pursued.

The fact that the College has diversified its offerings, is a wonderful thing. I didn’t finish my Bachelor’s degree, and while it didn’t matter as much, back in 1978, it won’t work in 2021. College should do two things: expand your mind about the world around you; and prepare you academically to compete successfully in it. Bermuda College should be considered as part of that journey. Everything that I have done, I did on the strength of my education at Bermuda College."

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