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The strength of this organization involves over three thousands alumni from Bermuda College and its amalgamated entities – the Bermuda Technical Institute, the Bermuda Hotel & Catering College, and the Academic Sixth Form Centre.

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Kamila Bean
Kamila Bean    |  BC ALUMNI
CLASS OF 2004 - Associates in Hospitality Management


Director of Rooms  |   Newstead Belmont Hill 

"Enrolling at Bermuda College was an exciting experience for me. I wasn't one hundred percent sure of the direction I wanted to head into within my career, and so enrolling was an on-the-spot decision: one that I do not regret. I wasn't fully focused in the beginning, however a serious life event pushed me into focusing and taking advantage of the opportunity.

The professors were the best! Two teachers who made my experience very enjoyable, but were very tough on me, were Mr. Shawn Deshields and Mrs. Pat Robinson. I was a very shy person and a lot of the assignements required me to do public speaking, as well as communicate with guests that came for the Prospect Room lunches. The most memorable day was receiving my degree with my number one supporter watching: my one-year old daughter! Because I was already working in the hospitality field, I was able to take the Knowledge and hands on traning provided by BC directly into my day to day work life.

I would implore students to take advantage of the resources that BC has to offer. If they are not sure what direction or field they want to go into, visit the campus to take a tour and/or speak with someone to get a better feel."

In her own words...