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Julia Aidoo-Saltus
Julia Aidoo-Saltus    |  BC ALUMNI
CLASS OF 1983 - Diploma of Arts and Science


Senior Legal Counsel  |   HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited 

"My experience at Bermuda College is akin to a dinner with family and friends. My mother Solange Saltus, was the vice president for Academic & Studnet Affairs; and my uncle and aunt, Dr. Clifford Maxwell and Pamela Maxwell-Clarke, were faculty members; these I regarded as the entree. My friends were the dessert, and these relationships have stood the test of time. The high standard of excellence and academic opportunities established the dinner table upon which I feasted. My history instructor, the late Mr. James Smith, was simply par excellence in sharing his knowledge and time with patience and a very dry sense of humor.

I am in a unique position of having experienced Bermuda College as both a student and a faculty member. Bermuda College became my first professional employer. I completed the Diploma in Hospitality Management with fellow students from St. Lucia, Dominica, and Canada. Several years later, I was assistant manager at the then Stonington Beach Hotel, and then a faculty member in the College's Hospitality Department. Making the transition from student to faculty member was surreal. I counted among my colleagues at the time Dr. Duranda Greene, now president of Bermuda College.

My name is Julia Aidoo-Saltus and I'm a proud BC alumnus."

In her own words ...