AMA Certificate Programmes

Certificate programmes by American Management Association have been developed by industry leaders and backed by more than 75 years of management training experience. The certificate programmes encompass all areas of contemporary management including supervision, human resources, manufacturing, finance, sales, marketing and planning. These programmes deliver comprehensive training and real-world answers.

Certificates can be obtained within 9 – 12 months. Upon completion, participants gain respected AMA credentials that indicate the transformation of the learning experience into workplace performance.  Prerequisite: participants must have good written communication skills and be comfortable with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Certificate in Human Resource Management The Certificate in Human Resources is a guide to every aspect of human resources management from understanding the basic HR functions to using the Web for recruiting and selecting the latest HRIS.  

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Certificate in General Management Managing in today’s complex environment demands a higher level of leadership. Twenty-first century managers must be able to lead as visionaries, entrepreneurs, mentors, change agents, and team builders. Success depends on their ability to develop and use the skills that enable them to increase competitive advantage, improve customer service, nurture a diverse workplace and meet global, ethical, and business challenges.  

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