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First Steps to Your Success

At Bermuda College, our motto is “Setting Bermuda’s Students on the Paths to Success”; and we welcome anyone who has ever held the dream of self-improvement and the passion to learn.

We are a community college dedicated to offering the highest standards of academic and professional excellence, based not so much on one’s educational background as they enter Bermuda College, but on what one has been able to accomplish upon graduation.

  • Applying to Bermuda College Open or Close

    Please download the application and return it to the Office of Student Enrolment, Registration & Records (SERR) on the second floor of the College Centre building or email it to 

    The admissions dealine for Fall is June 1st however late admission are accepted until July 31st (with a late fee of $75).  

    Admissions Checklist

    1. Completed application form
    2. Verification of Citizenship;
        Bermuda Passport with Registered Status,
        proof of Bermudian status or Entry Visa
    3. Official transcripts and external examination results
    4. Application fee of $50 (non-refundable)
    5. Completed Medical Disclosure Form

    The application fee of $50 ($100 for international students) can be paid Please also include the $75 late fee if applying after the June 1st deadline.

    Please contact our Recruitment Officer at 236-9000 Ext.4099 first if you are ...

    • only interested in completing a course at Bermuda College (you won't need to apply for a programme)
    • you want to attend in the next semester but are past the application deadline


  • Admission Process Open or Close
    • After you apply,  we review your application and offer an admission decision within approximately four weeks of receiving all the required documents. 
    • Students will be admitted to the college if they meet the appropriate admission requirements.
    • Check our Academic Calendar for application deadlines.  If you've missed the deadline you may still register for courses and submit your application for the following semester.

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  • Campus Visits Open or Close

    Bermuda College is an ever-changing campus, always upgrading our facilities to better suit Bermuda’s students. We believe in providing information at your fingertips! Whether you would like to schedule a campus tour or a one-on-one consultation with the Recruitment Officer, it’s easy to find resources to make the most of your College experience.

    To book a tour or schedule a one-on-one meeting, email  or call 441-239-4099.