Online Master of Business Administration at Framingham State University




Framingham State & Bermuda College Partnership

  • Strong undergraduate transfer agreement with in-state tuition rates
  • Graduate Certificate - Education Leadership Cohort
  • Master of Business Administration (online)


About the MBA - Online

  • Modality - Online (Asynchronous)
  • Class Size - 15-20 Students
  • Length of Course - 8 Weeks
  • Duration of Program - 2 Years (6 semesters)
    • 2 classes per semester, year-round (Fall, Spring & Summer)
  • Weekly time commitment - 20 to 23 hours per week of research, assignments, and group work


Tuition and Fees

The MBA Degree consists of 12 courses.
Each course costs $1,525. The degree costs an estimated total of $18,300.
For a full breakdown of the Tuition and Fees, visit the FSU Tuition and Fees page.


Financial Aid Information

FAFSA - Federal Unsubsidized Stafford loan - Must be matriculated into a degree-seeking program, and enrolled in (2) credit bearing courses per semester. For more details visit the FSU student loans page.


Admission Requirements

  • Submit Your Completed Application - online graduate admission application
    • Spring Semester Deadline: December 1
    • Fall Semester Deadline: July 1
  • $50 application fee (Waived)
  • Official transcripts from all college or universities attended
    • Completed Bachelor's degree
    • Overall GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Pre-Requistes
    • Applicants expected to have 3+ years of relevant professional working experience, 3.0+GPA, or previous advanced degrees.
  • Two Letters of recommendation
  • Current Resume or CV
  • Two written essays - submit both:
    • "What would you like the MBA Admissions Committee to know about you?" (450-word limit)
    • "What are your three most substantial achievements and why do you consider them to be substantial achievements?" (700-word limit). If applicable, candidates can alternatively address this writing prompt: "What experience in the military, public service, or business do you have? Explain how this experience equips you for the MBA program."
  • International Applicants: Please review additional requirements on our International Applicants page, such as Transcript Evaluation, Submission of TOEFL/IELTS scores, and needed documentation for I-20/F-1 visa processing.


Course Map/Sequence

Fall Year 1:
MGMT 911 Organizational Behavior and Theory
MGMT 918 Managing in a Global Environment

Spring Year 1:
MGMT 940 Business Ethics and Legal Environment
MGMT 931 Quantitative Methods for Business and Operations

Summer Year 1:
ECON 923 Economics of Organizational Design
BUIS 933 Enterprise Information Technology

Fall Year 2:
MGMT 971 Communication and Negotiation
FINA 929 Financial Management

Spring Year 2:
ENTR 920 Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship
MRKT 917 Strategic Marketing

Summer Year 2:
MGMT 978 Leadership and Change
MGMT 989 Strategic Management

Fall Semester (September - December) Spring Semester (January - May) Summer Semester (May - August)

Comments from Alumni

The MBA program at Framingham State University is truly world class. The whole learning experience, with some of the finest professors and professionals from diverse backgrounds, was enriching and rewarding. I learned the latest management practices and acquired valuable skills that provide me a competitive advantage.
-Anup Sharma ‘17, Project Manager, Global IT Consulting

I learned an immense amount and found the faculty to be thoroughly engaged in my success and that of my peers. The parameters of the program were challenging, while also flexible with my work schedule, and probably more importantly (as the parent of two small children), my home life. My time at FSU was instrumental in furthering my career and I still maintain contact with many of my fellow FSU alums. Whether you’re a recent graduate entering the workforce, someone in the midst of a career change, a self-employed individual or simply looking at continuing your personal and professional development, I’d strongly recommend that you consider FSU’s MBA program.
-Patrick Royce ‘07, Unibank

Comments from an MBA Alum and Instructor

Damon Borrelli

  • Continued family tradition of studying at FSU when graduated from the MBA program in 2016 - my aunt was a member of the Class of 1938, my mother was a member of the Class of 1946, and my father was a member of the Class of 1976.
  • Provided diverse legal services for more than two decades as a patent attorney specializing in the biological, chemical and mechanical arts - during this time also oversaw asset and financial management of diverse client portfolios.
  • Teach ethics and the legal environment where we examine governance structures and develop tools for designing and implementing ethical and legal business methodologies.