Anti Money Laundering/Countering Terrorist Financing Certificate

Bermuda College is partnering with E-learning, KIXKO, to bring you the The Bermuda College KIXKO AML/ATF Certificate Program. This online programme is designed to enhance the skills of the graduate to pursue opportunities for immediate employment in the Financial Services Compliance Field in the following roles:
  • ✔ Customer Relations Managers
  • ✔ Front-line Account Opening Staff
  • ✔ Back Office Staff      
  • ✔ Customer Service Staff.   
An ideal first step for career seekers/changers. Short, introductory courses in modular format. Short multiple choice e-test at end of each module. 
TDS KIXKO1 Orientation Course Description: The course demonstrates AML/ ATF awareness basics. The course describes money laundering, terrorist financing, and AML requirements under the legislation. An introduction is provided on how to identify money laundering risks, your personal responsibilities and the person to whom you should report any suspicious activities.

SEC A2 Distance Education: 18 July - 30 September $55

TDS KIXKO2 AML ATF Risk Based AssessmentCourse Description: The course introduces common methodologies involved in applying a risk based approach to AML/ATF. Four AML/ATF Risk Filters are identified as Customer, Delivery Method/Interface, Products and Services and Geographic Risk. High risk areas are highlighted in respect to account opening and transaction activity. This course is a starting point in the AML/ATF programme to identify and manage risks.

SEC A2 Distance Education: 1 July – 30 September $55

TDS KIXKO3 AML ATF Customer Due DiligenceCourse Description: Knowing Your Customer is the best defence against money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Due Diligence processes to identify and verify customer relationships are outlined in the course. The process for verifying source of funds is also introduced.

SEC A2 Distance Education: 1 July – 30 September $55

TDS KIXKO4 AML ATF Monitoring & Reporting Course Description: The course introduces processes for monitoring and reporting unusual or suspicious transactions. Methods of how to detect and report unusual and suspicious transactions are demonstrated. Recordkeeping and retention requirements are highlighted.

SEC A2 Distance Education: 1 July – 30 September $55

TDS KIXKO5 AML ATF Governance & Oversight  Course Description: This course provides Senior Managers, Directors and Officers with Best Practice Governance and Oversight knowledge to enable compliance with Bermuda Anti-Money Laundering legislation, and to protect the entity and individuals against the threat of money laundering and terrorist financing.

SEC A2 Distance Education: 1 July – 30 September $75


High school graduation/GED diploma


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