Bermuda Government Training Grant 

The Bermuda Government Tuition Grant is available to students seeking to enrol in Bermuda College. This grant has been provided to remove financial barriers to members of the community who want to seek certification but may not have the financial means to do so independently.

Application Process

There are at least two steps to the application process:

(1) Submit a complete application, including the Financial Worksheet, on or before the published deadline.

(2) Meet the published eligibility criteria: Bermudian and registered for at least one course during the  semester.

Determination of Need

Financial information is requested and must accompany the application to support the determination of need. A financial worksheet is provided to help document sources of monthly income and expenditure. A completed worksheet must be submitted along with the application.

Definition of a financial dependency

An applicant is financial dependent regardless of age if another party has primary responsibility for financial obligations such as housing, food, household bills, etc. In these instances, the financial worksheet must include the information of the person responsible for the financial obligations as well as the applicant where applicable.

Applicants may be required to share supporting documentation (pay advices, financial assistance letters, standard bill statements, etc.) to verify information contained in the financial worksheet. Any documents shared will be returned to the applicant once verification is completed.



The Bermuda Government Tuition Grant committee recognises the sensitivity of the information shared during this application process and restricts access to committee members only. The Committee membership can include the Director of Counselling & Student Activities, the Director of Professional and Career Education, the Administrative Assistants of the respective departments and the Counselling staff.