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Academic Programmes

Associate Degrees

Associate Degrees provide the first two years of College that can be transferred to overseas universities or used to go directly into the workforce.

Associate of Arts Degree Programmes
Associate of Applied Science Degree Programmes
Associate in Science Degree Programmes



Diploma programmes are designed to provide the graduate with skills and competencies for immediate employment into a particular occupational field. Students may be able to transfer some of these credits into an associate degree programme at a later time depending on the programme of study.



Certificate programmes are designed to provide the graduate with the opportunity for immediate employment in a particular occupational field. The certificate documents that the student has attained job entry competence and is ready at an entry level employment standard. Note: Certificate courses will not normally transfer into degree programmes.


Continuing Education - Pace Programmes

The Division of Professional & Career Education (PACE), through our partnerships, offers you access to training and qualifications of a national and international standard. PACE offers Certificates, Professional Designations, Short Training Courses, Exam Review and Online Professional Development Courses.

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*Not every programme listed will be offered every semester. The College reserves the right not to offer a programme depending upon availability of instructors, facilities and student enrolment.