Human Resources & Development

OUR MISSION IS: To promote organizational effectiveness and responsible business practices.

The Centre for Human Resource Development is responsible for the management and support of all Human Resource functions at Bermuda College. It is continually working hard to ensure the satisfaction of the support staff and faculty, with its primary objective being to have the Bermuda College family work in an environment that is conducive to productivity and well being.

As internal consultants, we will demonstrate our commitment by fostering an environment of collaboration, shared values and learning.

We see our roles as:

  • Neutral Brokers
  • Internal Consultants
  • Truth Advocates


BC's Core VAlue Commitment to Employees

Bermuda College supports a work environment that is conducive to a healthy balance among work, family life and self, recognizing that is what leads to a dedicated, creative and innovative employee.  We will value each employee's job as a meaningful part of the whole; we will provide professional development opportunities and clearly defined career tracks.


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