Bermuda College at a Glance

Bermuda College is a community college dedicated to offering the highest standards of academic and professional excellence, based not so much on one's background entering - but on what one has been able to achieve upon graduation.


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  • 88% of 17 nursing students have passed the National Council Licensure Examination – Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN)


  • 78% of Dual Enrolment students had a grade C or higher


  • 59% of students were retained (Spring to Fall)


  • 54% of all students enrolled in preparatory or developmental courses had a grade C or higher


  • 52% of graduates transfer to overseas institutions


  • 48% of students graduate in four years or less


  • 39% of students graduate in two years or less


  • 18% of graduates return to their previous job after graduation


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  • Founded:
    The College was created by the Parliament of Bermuda through the passage of the Bermuda College Act in 1974 with the amalgamation of three flourishing institutions: the Bermuda Technical Institute established in 1956, the Bermuda Hotel and Catering College (1965), and the Academic Sixth Form Centre (1967).


  • Size of Campus:  
    26 Acres


  • Degrees and Certificates Granted:
    Associate degrees, Certificates, and Diplomas


  • Number of Faculty:
    37 Full-time Lecturers


  • Average Class Size: 
    15 Students.


  • Student Applicants:
    In 2017/2018 the College received 420 applications. This count comprised 316 traditional (16-24 years old) and 104 non-traditional students.


  • Student Enrolment:
    652 students.


  • Computer Facilities:
    Bermuda College has five computer labs to which students have access. Each student is given a computer account at registration to access the college network. The college network provides access to a wide-range of software packages, applications and resources as well as a Wi-Fi network for user devices.