Bermuda College Governance

The Bermuda College was created by the Parliament of Bermuda through the passage of the Bermuda College Act in 1974. Under this Act, a Board of twelve Governors has the responsibility for the direction and management of the College.  The President of Bermuda College is appointed by the Board, in consultation with the Minister of Education, and is responsible to the day to day operation of the College.

Bermuda College Act 1974 

Academic Divisions

  • Arts & Science Open or Close

    The Division of Arts and Science offers eight Associate Degree programmes in Arts, Art & Design, Arts & Science, Arts (Human Services), Education, Human Services, Science and Actuarial Science.

    The curriculum is designed to prepare students for spirited participation in a dynamic and ever-changing society. It also provides the foundation for specialised training in medicine, education, nursing and actuarial science.

    Contact the Division of Arts and Science at 441-236-9000 ext 4442.

  • Business, Hospitality, & Technical Education Open or Close

    The Business, Hospitality, & Technical Education Division provides students with a strong foundation of education and training for careers in business and industry. Trends in these professions are consistently monitored with regular evaluations and adjustments to course offerings.

    The integrated core curricula combines theoretical learning and practical applications, while reflecting the commitment of faculty to ensure that students are well equipped to compete successfully, either in a higher academic environment overseas, or in the workplace. 

    Contact the Division of Business, Hospitality, and Technical Education at 411-236-9000 ext 4461

  • Nursing & Allied Health Open or Close

    The Division of Nursing & Allied Health is supported and endorsed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board community, as well as the Bermuda Nursing Council, and offers students the choice of either a general pre-health track for careers in health science, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant; or the medical track which provides career pathways in more traditional medical fields such as pre-med, nursing, and veterinary science.

    Contact the Division of Nursing & Allied Health at 441-236-9000 ext 4382.

  • Professional & Career Education Open or Close

    The Division of Professional and Career Education (PACE) supports the College's mission by creating opportunities for professional, personal, social, economic growth and development; and by promoting life long learning opportunities.

    For further information please refer to the PACE website or call
    441-236-9000 ext 4119


  • Academic Resource Centre Open or Close

    The Academic Resource Centre (ARC) provides FREE learning assistance and a supportive environment to all registered students who wish to maximize their learning potential at Bermuda College.
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  • Bookstore Open or Close

    The College Bookstore serves the campus community in the purchase of textbooks and materials for all classes taught at Bermuda College, provides in-house stationery, value-priced school supplies; and supports official functions of the College with the provision of academic regalia.
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  • Business Services Open or Close

    The Business Services Department plays an integral role in the operations of the Bermuda College. As the focal point for conducting all of the College’s business, the department is responsible for cash management, revenue collection, payments, payroll and the servicing of student accounts. The responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the College’s accounting and internal control systems and also for the reporting of the financial information of the college also fall under the umbrella of the Business Services Office.  Tel: 441-239-4009 

  • Communications & Public Relations Open or Close

    Communications & Public Relations is primarily responsible for marketing, recruitment, the information desk and the switchboard.

  • Counselling & Career Centre Open or Close

    The Counselling & Career Centre (CCC) works with you to design a plan that supports your unique journey. Qualified counsellors are ready to work with you toward the achievement of academic, career, and/or personal goals. CCC also supports campus activities, student employment, student government council, career development and financial aid, scholarships and in-house awards.

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  • Facilities Management & Security Open or Close

    The Facilities Management & Security Department is responsible for the overall maintenance of the various facilities and grounds of the college campus, including painting, electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning and refrigeration maintenance contracts, the monthly elevator service, a physical security presence on campus, and the mail system.

    Security: 239-4007
    Facilities Management: 236-9000 ext 4331

  • Human Resources & Development Open or Close

    The Centre for Human Resource Development is responsible for the management and support of all Human Resource functions at Bermuda College.
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  • Information Technology Services Open or Close

    The Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) provides all computing services at Bermuda College.  This includes running the Help Desk, user training, installation and management of all College applications, as well as overseeing the technology infrastructure.
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  • Institutional Research & Planning Open or Close

    The Office of Institutional Research & Planning plays an important role with respect to the provision of data generated by the various departments to determine retention, persistence and graduation rates. OIR produces baseline data detailing the student population at census date each semester, extracts data from the advising process to determine retention rates, tracks academic performance, gathers information via customer satisfaction surveys, and conducts graduate surveys.

  • Library Open or Close

    The Bermuda College Library is the only academic library on the island.
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  • Sports & Recreation Open or Close

    The Department of Sports & Recreation delivers Physical Education (PED) courses as additional co-curricular activities available on campus. Sports & Recreation also facilitates numerous non-credit activities through the development of intramural and extramural community leagues, expanding opportunities for students to participate in more competitive arenas in select activities such as basketball, soccer, and table tennis. The department establishes a concrete connection between sports and academic achievement via the annual US soccer tour held during the spring semester. 
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  • Student Enrolment, Registration & Records Open or Close

    As their name suggests, Student Enrolment, Registration & Records (SERR), is responsible for all aspects of admissions, registration and student records. They also oversee external testing.