Associate of Science (Computer Information Systems)

Computer technology is updated and improved upon on a daily, even hourly, basis in the 21st century. Bermuda College’s Associate of Science (Computer Information Systems) is reviewed regularly to incorporate the changes and updates in the technology field. IT specialisation and e-commerce courses have been added to the core curriculum. Further, the programme’s curriculum equips students with the same level of competency as demonstrated by the internationally recognised certifications of A+, Network+, iNet+, CCNA, GIAC/GSEC, MCP and MOUS.

The foundation of the programme is the study of computer applications in the business environment. It also includes a mandatory internship between the first and second years of study, providing hands-on experience in
local and international companies.


Programme Details


Year 1 

First semester - 16 credits

CSC 1120 Learning Strategies for Student Success 1
ENG 1111 Freshman Composition 3
MAT 1105 or College Algebra or
MAT 1131 Finite Mathematics 3
CIS 1120 Introduction to Business Applications of Computers 3
CIS 1125 Introduction to Computer & Information Technology 3
ECM 1110 Generating Web Pages 3

Second semester - 15 credits

ENG 1112 or Literary Analysis or
ENG 1115 Writing for Professionals 3
Elective Business (ACC, MGN, INS, LAW, CIS or HMT) of your choice 3
MAT 1141 or Pre-Calculus or
MAT 2233 Statistics I 3
CIS 1130 Data Management 3
CIS 2278 Microcomputer Hardware and Software 3
CIS 1180 Computer information systems internship* 3

Year 2

First semester - 15-16 credits

Humanities or Natural Science or Social Science 3 or 4
MAT 1152 or Calculus I or
MAT 2234 or Statistics II or
MAT 1132 Business Calculus 3
CIS 1155 Programming for Information System I 3
CIS 2231 System Analysis and Design 3
CIS 2290 Networking Technologies 3

Second semester - 15-16 credits

Humanities or Natural Science or Social Science 3 or 4
MGN 2230 Introduction to Project Management 3
CIS 2255 Programming for Information Systems II 3
CIS 2297 Security Fundamentals and Policies 3
CIS 2295 Operating Systems & Infrastructure 3

*Before one can be enrolled in any course one must satisfy the prerequisites.

Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Science Options


  • Art and Design
  • Art History
  • Education
  • Film
  • History
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Spanish
  • Religious Studies
  • English Literature at 2000 level (excluding ENG 2212)

Social Sciences

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work;
  • Earth & Environmental Studies at 2000 level

Natural Sciences

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth & Environmental Studies
  • Physics

Credit Course Descriptions