Diploma in Food & Beverage Management

This diploma has been developed to provide persons working in the food and beverage industry the opportunity to receive academic qualifications. It is designed for persons who have joined the industry without any formal certification in the field and requires work experience in the field for a minimum of five (5) years, or approval from the Dean, or that the person possesses an associates degree or higher. This diploma will allow students to formalise their training and experience.

Programme Details


CUL 1104 Sanitation and Safety 2
CUL 1106 Purchasing and Product Identification 3
FAB 1100 Food Service 3
CUL 2118 Menu Planning or
  HMT 1265 Hospitality Sales and Marketing 3
HMT 2255 Hospitality Supervisory Practices* 3
HMT 2260 Food & Beverage Management 3

*Before you can be enrolled in any course, you must satisfy the pre-requisites.

Credit Course Descriptions