Certificate in Electrical Wiring Technology

In an effort to deliver a curriculum which is both current and timely, the Bermuda College in collaboration with the Electrical Occupational Advisory Committee (EOAC) and the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC) of America have adopted this comprehensive modular programme as the standard for apprenticeship training in Bermuda. The programme will take five years to complete and upon successful completion of the entire course, the student will be certified as a Journeyman Inside Wireman by both the NJATC and the Bermuda College. The NJATC certificate is highly regarded in the US and Canada and around the world wherever US and Canadian electrical standards are in use. 

Studying under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, students work through the modules in order, covering theoretical concepts while honing their practical skills. The passing grade for each module is 75%. 

The apprenticeship programme is very broad based, covering all areas of the trade and providing the graduate with the skill, knowledge and confidence to enter a dynamic and exciting industry. Additionally, instructors in the programme bring meaning to a high tech industry that is more rapidly changing than the curriculum can reflect. The experience and understanding that these individuals bring to the classroom make the programme the most unique way to learn to work in the electrical industry. 

Programme Details


ELN 1101 How to Study This Course and Achieve Your Personal Goals
ELN 1102 Introduction to Test Instruments and Overcurrent Protection Devices
ELN 1103 Building Wire Construction and Insulation Properties
ELN 1104 Conduit Fabrication
ELN 1105 The Metric System and Metrication Changes
ELN 1106 Blueprint Reading and Sketching
ELN 1107 DC Theory: OHM’S Law
ELN 1108 The DC Series Circuit
ELN 1109 The DC Parallel Circuit
ELN 1110 The DC Combination Circuit
ELN 1111 Norton’s and Thevenin’s Theorems and Kirchhoff’s Laws
ELN 1112 Intro to the National Electrical Code

ELN 2113 Testing and Measuring with the Analog and Digital Multimeter
ELN 2114 Developing NEC Code Book Skills
ELN 2115 Understanding the Design and Function of AC and DC Generators
ELN 2116 Laying-Out Residential Circuits and Basic Estimating
ELN 2117 AC Theory: Inductance
ELN 2118 AC Theory: Capacitance
ELN 2119 Working with Series and Parallel RL & RC Circuits
ELN 2120 Analysing and Working with Combination RLC Circuits
ELN 2121 Filters, Power Factor and Power Factor Correction
ELN 2122 Principles of Three Phase Systems
ELN 2123 NEC – Branch Circuits 1 & 2 and Feeders and Services
ELN 2124 Cabling Assemblies & Wiring Methods

ELN 3125 Health and Safety
ELN 3126 Advanced Blueprint Reading
ELN 3127 Semiconductor Theory
ELN 3128 BJTs, MOSFETs, & Other Transistor Types
ELN 3129 Differential & Operational Amplifiers
ELN 3130 Grounding and Bonding Fundamentals
ELN 3131 The Grounding Electrode System
ELN 3132 Personnel Protection and Ground Fault Protection of Equipment
ELN 3133 Grounding and Bonding of Electronic Equipment
ELN 3134 Review of the Theory of Three Phase Transformers
ELN 3135 NEC: Overcurrent Protection
ELN 3136 NEC: Transformer Protection and Ground Fault Protection

ELN 4137 Lightning Protection Systems
ELN 4138 AC Alternators
ELN 4139 Electronic Variable Speed-Control
ELN 4140 Motor Starters, Contactors and Control Relays
ELN 4141 Manual and Automatic Operating Devices
ELN 4142 Timing Devices and DC Motor Controls
ELN 4143 AC Motor Speed Control and Troubleshooting
ELN 4144 Digital Electronics and Boolean Algebra
ELN 4145 The Allen Bradley SLC 500 Family PLC’s
ELN 4146 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
ELN 4147 Cable Tray Systems and the NEC
ELN 4148 NEC: Hazardous-Locations WiringMethods and Equipment

ELN 5149 Motivation and Leadership
ELN 5150 Fire Alarm Systems
ELN 5151 Introduction to Instrumentation
ELN 5152 Fundamentals of Controllers
ELN 5153 Security Systems & Telephone Wiring
ELN 5154 Structured Cabling Systems
ELN 5155 Solar Power Generation and Fuel Cell Basics
ELN 5156 High Voltage Testing
ELN 5157 Harmonics and Power Quality Surveys
ELN 5158 Automation Networks
ELN 5159 Understanding Emergency Building Installation Requirements
ELN 5160 Electrical Load Calculations

Each module is one (1) credit.

Credit Course Descriptions