Certificate for Accounting Technician

Accounting Technicians keep a variety of financial records in businesses. They prepare journal entries, financial statements, bank reconciliations, payroll records, and conduct stocktaking and inventory valuation reports.

This one-year programme is designed to prepare students to enter local businesses as accounting assistants in possession of the latest techniques in the field. It covers a variety of related areas that influence business organisations such as computing, management, and office skills and provides extensive data entry experience.

Programme Details


Year 1 

First semester - 16 credits

ENG 1044 Communication for Industry I 3
MAT 1034 Business Mathematics 3
MGN 1017 Foundations of Business 3
CIS 1120 Intro to Business Applications of Computers 3
ACC 1041 Practical Accounting Procedures I 3
CSC 1110 Learning Strategies for Student Success 1

Second semester - 16 credits

ENG 1045 Communication for Industry II 3
MGN 1015 Accounting in Action 3
OFA 1040 Communication and Presentation Skills 2
MGN 1016 Accounting Assistant Work Placement 1
ACC 1042 Practical Accounting Procedures II 3
ACC 1043 Accounting and Technology 3
OFA 1060 Office Application Certification 1

Credit Course Descriptions