Nellie's Walk BoutiqueA series of Information Boutiques have headlined College Summer recruitment initiatives this year, as the College takes it to the streets, quite literally.The next Info Boutique, featuring Professional and Career Education (PACE) programmes will be held on July 18 from 1 – 4 p.m.

Bermuda College congratulates the recent success and academic achievement of three students/alumni:  Curlena Smith, Jashae Allen-Lamontagne, and Cyana Burgess.

A new collective agreement between Bermuda College and the BPSU was signed Tuesday, July 3 for faculty and support staff. College employees successfully negotiated for a 2.5% cost of living adjustment retroactive to December 2017.
Bermuda College is introducing a new flat tuition rate of $155 per credit, for Fall 2018 to align the College with best practice in higher education institutions overseas.

Connecting Sentences -  BC Students with Dr Virgil A Bermuda College Literary Analysis (LA) Class recently undertook a unique project that involved sharing their literary writings with inmates from the Westgate Correctional facility.

BC Students Bathsheba Jones and Khaleel Daley BC students Bathsheba Jones and Khaleel Daley are this year’s recipients of the ILS $10,000 scholarship award, offered in conjunction with the Bermuda Insurance Institute (BII) as part of the Career Pathways programme.

campusSign President Says Students are Primary Beneficiaries. NEASC is the oldest and most recognised of the regional accrediting associations in the United States.