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Financial Aid Application

Bermuda College Financial Aid (BCFA) is a need-based programme that is designed to off-set the total cost of tuition and fees per semester. The level of support provided to an applicant can range from a 25% to 50% discount depending on the level of financial need demonstrated balanced by the budget and number of applications received. Students must submit an application each semester to be assessed for support.


Application Deadlines

Bermuda College Financial Aid (BCFA) is open to current and new students enrolled in a programme of study with the College. Please make note of the following dates:

  Opening Date Submission Deadline
Fall Semester  April 1 June 1 (by 5pm)
Spring Semester November 1 December 1 (by 5pm)


Applicants are advised to register during the early registration period to ensure they meet the BCFA enrolment criteria.

Types of Funding Support

Bermuda College Financial Aid provides the following grants to support educational costs:

Tuition/Fees & Book support grants cover a portion of the cost of tuition and lab fees and give the applicant access to the book support programme. The latter is funded by an external donor each to enable the Committee to purchase books on behalf of the applicant. Purchased books must be returned at the end of the semester to build the book loan inventory.

Tuition/Fees support grants cover a portion of the cost of tuition and lab fees.

Books only support

Foster-Care Tution/Fee waiver provides 100% coverage of tuition and lab fees for current and ex-fostercare recipients up to the age of 24.

Work Study support provides an opportunity for the applicant to gain work experience on campus. The salary earned is applied against the tuition/fees for the semester.

Determination of Need

Financial information is requested and must accompany the application to support the determination of need. A financial worksheet is provided to facilitate documenting sources of monthly income and expenditure. A completed worksheet must be submitted along with the application on or before the application deadline. If the information is not available at the time of the application, email notification will be sent identifying your submission as incomplete. Follow the steps provided in that communication which includes submitting the completed form to for review by the Committee.

Definition of a financial dependency

An applicant is defined as a financially dependent regardless of age if another party has primary responsibility for his/her financial obligations such as housing, food, household bills, etc. In these instances, the financial worksheet must reflect the information of the person responsible for the financial obligations as well as the applicant where applicable. An applicant seeking support from the Foster-Care Recipient Tuition/Fee waiver is determined to be financially independent for the purposes of this application.


Applicants may be required to share supporting documentation (pay advices, financial assistance letters, standard bill statements, etc.) with a financial aid representative to verify information contained in the financial worksheet. Any documents shared will be returned to the applicant once verification is completed.

The Application Process

There are three steps to the application process:

(1) Submission of a complete application, including the Financial Worksheet. Access a copy of the worksheet by clicking the hyperlinked text (red writing) then complete and save the form. Upload the saved document when asked to upload files in the application. Submit on or before the published deadline.

Please note that an applicant that selects the Foster Care Tuition Waiver support option must qualify as a traditional student (age 24 years or younger) at the time of application.

(2) Meet the published eligibility criteria: Bermudian, programme of study, enrolment in at least 6 credits, GPA of 2.00 or higher

(3) Participate in an interview with the Financial Aid committee, if requested

Book Support (optional)

Applicants seeking book support are encouraged to first visit the College Bookstore with their printed schedule for the upcoming semester. Note the books required including the title, edition, and cost for each course. Then complete the Request for Book Support form and upload it with your application if possible. If the information is not available at the time of application, complete the recommended steps and then email the completed form to for review by the Committee.


The Financial Aid committee recognises the sensitivity of the information shared during this application process and restricts access to Committee members only. The Committee membership includes the Director of Counselling & Student Activities and the Intake/Financial Aid Administrator. A member of the counselling team may serve as a designate when the Director is not available to participate in the process.