Career Planning at Bermuda College

Where are you going and how do you plan to get there?

Career planning should be considered a life-long process with a strong emphasis on knowledge of self.  Historically it has been viewed as  a four step process:

  • Choosing an occupation,
  • Getting the first job,
  • Developing within the job,
  • Changing jobs/occupations, and
  • Preparing for retirement.

The current financial climate calls for another step - coping with job loss. All of the steps are built on the foundation of understanding who you are in terms of interests, values, skills, and preferences. Understanding these facets of who you are supports a life balanced by job satisfaction and fulfilling leisure activities.

Career Assessment

FOCUS 2 CAREER is a career, major and education planning system for college students.
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We are here to work with you at all stages of your occupational journey.....exploring options......taking those first steps.....coping with job loss or career transition....and preparing for retirement.