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Counselling Services

Bermuda College students as well as members of the community can benefit from the variety of counselling services available through the Bermuda College Counselling & Career Centre. Make an appointment by telephone, email, walk-in, or referral to access any of the following services.
Academic/Educational Counselling
  • We assist with the development of long-term educational plans that are consistent with life goals
  • We identify conditions that may impede academic achievement and propose interventions
  • We identify appropriate academic support resources on campus as needed
  • We support the exploration of academic options including local/distance/overseas, sources of funding, and aligning BC courses/programmes with overseas programme requirements
  • We assist with the application process including the review of scholarship options we assist with the development of personal statements, autobiographical letters, etc.
  • We facilitate workshops exploring the transfer process to overseas institutions

Career Counselling
  • We provide information regarding employment trends
  • We facilitate the exploration of interests in relation to career options
  • We administer career inventories to facilitate the exploration process
  • We facilitate connections with industry for mentoring, work shadowing, informational interviewing, etc.
  • We provide suggestions for appropriate seminars and networking activities to enhance personal and work related skill sets
  • We facilitate workshops focused on job search skills and career seminars to provide job specific knowledge and opportunities to network with professionals in the field

Personal Counselling
  • We assist with the identification/clarification of obstacles and support the development of potential solutions
  • We assist with the development of coping skills in a variety of areas (stress, conflict resolution, anxiety, relationships, etc)
  • We assist with the identification of appropriate resources on campus and in the general community
  • We provide referrals to external services as needed