Transcript Requests

Bermuda College has moved to an online transcript service.  You will be required to create an account. 



How does this service work?

In order to protect personal information as well as to obtain permission to release academic information to a third party, students will be required to create an account.  NOTE: The account will be authenticated using name, name while attending and date of birth.

What are the benefits of this online transcript service?

Students can complete the transaction online without having to deliver or email a signed form. Additionally, it eliminates delays due to missing information or unreadable or unsigned request forms. BUT, the biggest benefits are faster delivery, reduced courier cost, ability to attach documents and automated tracking.

Are there different kinds of transcripts?

Students have a choice of three types: (1) paper transcript, delivered by mail (2) paper transcript, pick-up (3) certified electronic transcript (eTranscript), delivered electronically.  NOTE: All are official transcripts.

IMPORTANT: The certification on an eTranscript does not apply to the printed document. Printed eTranscripts are automatically watermarked as - Copy of Official Transcript - .

How fast is the transcript received?

All transcripts are processed at the end of each day. Once processed, an eTranscripts are immediately delivered. Paper transcripts depending on the chosen delivery method can take 1 - 10 days for delivery.

IMPORTANT: Transcripts will be processed upon receipt unless otherwise noted. Students should be careful to select the appropriate option - wait until after grades and wait for graduation - are also options available.

Are eTranscripts accepted by other institutions?

The number of institutions accepting electronic transcripts is growing daily.  Parchment, the company Bermuda College is using for this service, has a network of over 6000 institutions.

What if my institution isn't listed?

If your institution is not in the dropdown list, please note there is a space below for entering your institution manually.

What if the institution requires supporting documentation to be sent with the transcript?

Students have the ability to upload documents during the ordering process.  However, documents to be completed by Bermuda College should be sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will not have the ability to remove or change documents uploaded by the students.

What are the Transcript Fees?
  • $15.00 eTranscript  
  • $17.50 Paper mailed USPS within the USA 
  • $20.00 Paper mailed USPS international 
  • $40.00 Fedex overnight within the USA 
  • $62.50 Fedex overnight international 
  • $25.00 Paper pickup