Please Note: ALL persons entering the campus will be required to wear masks or facial coverings and adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Security personnel will be on hand to ensure the guidelines are followed.


Student Portal

Student Portal register for Courses, Get your Grades, and Account Information  
Please note, online registration is only available for current or recent students (past three terms) with an active College computer account.



Online Registration Quick Reference

 1. Sign in to the Student Portal with your college username and password.  
 2. Go to  Menu > Academics > Registration > select programme and term > click Register button
 3. Choose Required and/or Elective Courses > Click + sign next to courses, select the courses.
 4. Click Register/Drop
 5. Review then click Register/Drop button
 6. Find out tuition fee - Menu > My Account > click Account Information > click Registration Bill tab
 7. Pay Online at or add Bermuda College as a payee through your bank
 8. Check the Portal to see your newly registered courses  Menu > Academics > My Class Schedule 
 9. Drop a class - Registration window > Selected Courses, click the delete/drop icon (-) click the Register/Drop1

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Points to Remember

  • Make sure you have chosen the correct academic programme and term.
  • If you don't see the green + you may be missing a pre-requisite.
  • ​Check the home page of the portal to make sure your account is not on hold. Look for a number beside the hold icon.  hold icon  If it is zero you are not on hold. ​ You can click on the number for more information.