Student Clubs & Organisations

Bermuda College offers a number of extra-curricular activities in the form of clubs and organizations, all of which attempt to add to the opportunities, atmosphere and spirit on campus and in general, seek to enhance your college experience and achieve that all important balance.
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You may want to take it a step further by joining the Student Government Council or taking a job on campus through the Employment Centre.  Whatever you do, remember, get involved with what's happening at Bermuda College, challenge yourself to do new things and participate in your college experience rather than be an observer.

Registered Student Organisations (RSOs)



Active Minds Active Minds - Changing the conversation about mental health. Did you know that 50% of us will experience a mental health condition in our lifetime? This organisation works to raise awareness and to change how we talk about mental health to reduce the number of students suffering in silence. Join us to start changing the conversations on our campus and in our communities.  

Contact the admin of the club: Lyndon Jackson at 236-9000 ext. 4085.

BC Art Gallery An opportunity to create and submit art work that will be displayed in the BC Art Gallery (BCAG). Available only to Art and Design students.  

Contact one of our Art Instructors: Dr. Edwin Smith at 236-9000 ext. 4137 or Michael Walsh at 236-9000 ext. 4136.

BC ECO Club Think Green! This is your opportunity to become more environmentally aware and active. We will look at the application of environmental concepts and develop activities to promote environmental awareness on campus and in the community.

Contact our Earth & Environmental Science Lecturer, Amy Harvey, at 236-9000 ext. 4058.

Digital Storytelling Using digital tools like cameras and music to tell your story.  

Contact the admin of the club: Lyndon Jackson at 236-9000 ext. 4085.

Hospitality Club This Club strives to promote and perform quality service in Bermuda by networking with local and international organisations in the hospitality industry. Each year the focus is to raise funds to travel abroad to a trade show to develop student's confidence and networking skills and opportunities.

Contact Chef Ming at 236-9000 ext. 4265.

Literary Society If you have been inspired by great writers and poets, this is for you. Whether you enjoy creating or critiquing, this organization will allow you to explore your talents and interests.

The Literary Society often hosts events such as 'Sips & Stanzas' or the 'Spoken Word Event'.

MENSPEAK Participants can expect to engage in open dialogue about issues that affect males, organize and take part in activities that raise awareness of key issues and contribute to their own and other's personal development.

Participants will get a chance to be involved in a positive, active and dynamic organization that challenges one to become a better person.

Contact our Counsellor, Lyndon Jackson, at 236-9000 ext. 4392

BC Village The Bermuda College Village presently plays a visible role in advocating for LGBTQIIA+ students. The club’s primary objectives are advocating for inclusive vocabulary, raising awareness of the diverse experiences within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and inspiring creativity via discussions on campus. The group seeks to meet said objectives through campus-wide educational campaigns and queer-positive public events, such as their recent Poetry Slam, which fosters creative expression and community engagement.

The BC Village seeks to spread awareness of the challenges confronting LGBTQIIA+ students every day and advocate for these students’ right to a safe and equitable educational environment. Future projects include campus events, informal educational pop ups around campus, training for students and employees as well as a local conference inviting academic and community leaders to Bermuda College in 2020.

All are welcome to join the Village. We encourage open, honest conversation that fosters respect and inclusivity to create a safe campus.

Contact our Counsellor, Kennita Perry, at 236-9000 ext. 4125.



Students with a common interest (a minimum of five student) should apply to our Student Activities Coordinator, Terryn Fray.


Bermuda College is an ECO School!