Student Clubs & Organisations

Bermuda College offers a number of extra-curricular activities in the form of clubs and organizations, all of which attempt to add to the opportunities, atmosphere and spirit on campus and in general, seek to enhance your college experience and achieve that all important balance.

You may want to take it a step further by joining the Student Government Council or taking a job on campus through the Employment Centre.  Whatever you do, remember, get involved with what's happening at Bermuda College, challenge yourself to do new things and participate in your college experience rather than be an observer.

Registered Student Organisations (RSOs)

  • BC Art Gallery Open or Close
    An opportunity to create and submit art work that will be displayed in the BC Art Gallery (BCAG). Available only to Art and Design students.
  • Choir Open or Close
    If you have a love for singing or want an opportunity to improve your vocals, please join.
  • 'Cura te Ipsum' Heal Thyself Open or Close

    Explores holistic alternatives for healthy living and much more.

  • Drama Club Open or Close
    Do you enjoy acting and performing? Please join to develop and showcase your talents.
  • Environmental Club Open or Close
    Think Green! This is your opportunity to become more environmentally aware and active. We will look at the application of environmental concepts and develop activities to promote environmental awareness on campus and in the community.
  • Hospitality Club Open or Close
    This Club strives to promote and perform quality service in Bermuda by networking with local and international organisations in the hospitality industry. Each year the focus is to raise funds to travel abroad to a trade show to develop student's confidence and networking skills and opportunities.
  • Intl. Assoc. of Admin. Pros. Open or Close
    International Association of Administrative Professionals. Network with others in the administrative field as you prepare for employment. Participate in workshops and meet future employers, making the transition from school to work effortless.
  • Jazz Band Open or Close
    Join Wendell 'Shine' Hayward and his Jazz Ensemble. Familiarity with an instrument is preferred, but a love of music and a willingness to learn essential.
  • Literary Society Open or Close
    If you have been inspired by great writers and poets, this is for you. Whether you enjoy creating or critiquing, this organization will allow you to explore your talents and interests.
  • Mature Student Organization Open or Close
    How do you manage work, school and family without going crazy? Has it been so long since you have been out of school that you are terrified and don't know what to expect? Meet with other students facing similar challenges.
  • MENSPEAK Open or Close
    Participants can expect to engage in open dialogue about issues that affect males, organize and take part in activities that raise awareness of key issues and contribute to their own and other's personal development. Participants will get a chance to be involved in a positive, active and dynamic organization that challenges one to become a better person.
  • Model United Nations Open or Close
    A passion for debating, travelling and international affairs? If so, you will enjoy this opportunity to gain a better understanding of how the United Nations works. Travel to exotic locations as you engage in a 'model' UN assembly.
  • Photography Club Open or Close
    Is there a prize winning photographer within you? Learn how to take fantastic photos and have the opportunity to host an exhibit on campus or be the official photographer at college events.
  • Spanish Club Open or Close
    Food, customs and Latin culture are explored. Learn the language and have an opportunity to travel to Spanish speaking destinations.
  • Volunteer Action Open or Close
    Students can volunteer their time at a local organization and receive credit for this. A total of 14 hours need to be accomplished before credit can be given.
  • WOMYN Open or Close

    Build a future of empowerment, knowledge and respect for sisterhood. This is about women building positive relationships and encouraging development in other women.