Streetwise 'MBA'™ Now in Bermuda

Streetwise 'MBA'™
The award-winning business programme for small business owners.

INFORMATION SESSION: October 20th at 6pm in the Blue Room Hallett Hall (H115)
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Learn how to incorporate key
business success modules ...

  • Business & Leadership
  • Financials
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Resources
Established in 40 U.S. cities and now at Bermuda College.

Add resiliency and achieve and manage long-term growth as you use your own business as your personal case study.  

Personal Professional Accountant Mentors
“I am confident that our current economic condition is not permanent. The Streetwise ‘MBA’™ Program is strategic in that it will position Bermuda’s small business owners to prepare for success in the future.”
Mr. Phil Butterfield
Director, Bank of Bermuda Foundation 

“Certainly this programme has made us more effective and able to build a portfolio of Fortune& 500 companies, highly innovative organisations and initiatives like the Why It Matters campaign… That someone will invest $20K in your business, who doesn’t want it back, is an unbelievable opportunity not to be missed!”
Mr. Daren Bascome
Founder/Managing Director, Proverb

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