Supply Chain Management Association SCMA

Programme Overview

Supply Management Training

Supply management training consists of introductory technical courses, soft skill seminars and business management seminars. Participants can access either a single course or seminar, or can complete the entire package and earn a document of completion (Diploma/Certificate).

The supply management training courses and seminars replace the Certificate in Purchasing, which was phased out in 2009.

Note: The supply management training cannot be applied towards C.P.P. accreditation


Introduction to Procurement    BUS 610 
This course introduces the opportunities and challenges of international versus domestic procurement. It covers a variety of procurement scenarios: Repetitive purchases of production materials; One-time low-cost items; Large capital goods acquisition; Long-term supply contracts.

Introduction to Transportation    BUS 611
Participants will learn the advantages and limitations of the modes of transportation. Topics covered include: The role of freight forwarders; Brokers and integrated transportation companies. This course will introduce participants to transportation documentation; Basic load planning; Contracts; Insurance; Customs clearance; Letters of credit.

Introduction to Logistics    BUS 612
Participants will discuss how to balance the pressures for large order sizes to achieve low unit costs with the competing pressures to minimise warehouse space and inventory obsolescence. Topics covered include: Forecasting; Safety stocks; Customer service requirements.

Introduction to Operations Management    BUS 613
This course will familiarise participants with operations in manufacturing, distribution and services organisations. Topics covered: Capacity planning and scheduling; PLUS concepts of JIT/Lean, OPT/TOC and MRP; Forecasting techniques; Demand planning; Inventory ordering.

Communication and Relationship Skills (Seminar)    BUS 620
Principles and guidelines for effective communications in a business environment are the focus of this seminar.

Negotiation Skills (Seminar)    BUS 621
This seminar begins with an exploration of the nature and causes of conflict, and the barriers to resolving conflict. Various conflict resolution approaches are then introduced.

Competitive Bidding, Contract Preparation and Contract Law (Seminar)    BUS 622  
Participants will learn the basics of effective contract management. Contract basics such as types of contracts, characteristics of good contracts and the contract management lifecycle are topics covered. Participants will also gain a familiarity with managing service level agreements and mitigating risk.

Introduction to Accounting and Finance (Seminar)    BUS 623
This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of how finance impacts supply management. Participants learn how to read financial statements and understand how make a business case for an investment and evaluate investment opportunities.

Introduction to Marketing (Seminar)    BUS 624
Participants will learn the role and purpose of marketing and how marketing affects supply management, the differences between marketing and sales, marketing products and services, in addition to B2B and B2C marketing.

Introduction to Business Planning (Seminar)    BUS 625
This seminar provides an overview of strategic planning in an organisation and the basic elements of a strategic analysis (SWOT). Topics covered include: Porter 5-forces model; Critical success factors; Strategic maps and company positioning; Strategic models.