Average Annual Tuition Cost Comparison

Bermuda College Student $4,650
UK Home Student $11,309
Canada International Student $19,330
USA Out of State Student $23,091


Bermuda College 2019/2020 Tuition for a full-time, 15 credits per semester, student is $4650.

UK Home Student average annual tuition fees £9,250, or $11,309*, as of November 2018 according to the BBC.

Canada International Student average annual tuition for 2018/2019 was $19,330 according to Statistics Canada

United States Out of State Student average annual tuition for a four-year college in 2016/2017 was $23,091 according to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2019).

*Currency conversion as of August 26, 2019.