Distance Education Overview

Distance education courses provide Bermuda's students with more options, opportunities and access.

Distance learning is a form of education where the lecturer or instructor and students are separated by geographic distance and/or time. The separation is bridged using the Internet, online course management software such as Moodle, and traditional correspondence to deliver courses.

Bermuda College offers online courses for students that are not able to take full advantage of face-to-face courses. The convenience of online courses may be a crucial factor for students receiving college credit towards a programme. Online courses increase accessibility to those students who otherwise would not have access to higher education.

Bermuda College delivers online courses in a blended or hybrid method. Students are required to meet on campus at least 3 times during the semester for orientation, tests, and the final examination.

Before Enrolling in an Online Course

  • Meet with a Counsellor, call at 236-9000 ext. 4391
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor
  • Spring 2018 Distance Courses Open or Close
    • ACC 1145  Accounting II
    • BIO 2211  Anatomy and Physiology I
    • CIS 1120  Intro. to Business Applications of Computers
    • ENG 1115  Writing for the Workplace
    • HMT 2260  Food & Beverage Mgmt.
    • MAT 2234  Statistics II
    • MGN 1116  Tourism
    • MGN 2241  Finance II
    • RSO 1221  Volunteer Action