Consent for Services

The following document discusses how the Counselling & Career Centre (CCC) works with Bermuda College students. It details how to access services as well as your expectations of confidentiality. Please read the document, or have it read to you, and check the box acknowledging receipt of the information provided.

The Counselling & Career Centre

The CCC team includes an administrative assistant, four college counsellors, a student employment coordinator, a student life coordinator, and a director. Students can request appointments by email, using the student portal, the BC app and by calling or walking into the department. Walk-in appointments are also available depending on the availability of the team member. The department is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday with evening appointments available upon request. The department is also piloting online services (contact 441-239-4018 for more information).

To support access to services, each student admitted to a programme of study is assigned a college counsellor. This assignment generally occurs during your initial appointment with your College Counsellor at the point of admissions. We understand that beyond that initial appointment, students have several opportunities to work with members of the team throughout their relationship with the College. As such, a student has the right to request a change of counsellor assignment, no questions asked, to ensure that they have a comfortable and productive working relationship. Simply contact the Director to initiate the change of assignment process.


The counselling team works with students in one-on-one sessions and in group activities structured around common interests and/or needs. The student employment coordinator is primarily responsible for job placement on and off campus and the development of job search skills. Our student life coordinator serves as advisor to student government council and manages campus activities directly impacting students. This creates a broad range of services which may include:

  • assessments
  • academic counselling
  • personal counselling
  • referrals to internal service providers
  • referrals to external service providers
  • career development (exploration of options, interest assessments, skills assessments)
  • assistance with applications (colleges, jobs, scholarships, universities, etc.)
  • networking events
  • workforce skill development (developing effective resumes, cover letters, interviewing)


All services are made available to students actively enrolled with Bermuda College free of charge.


As a Bermuda College student you should have the following expectations with respect to service provision and confidentiality:

  • A student has the right to be informed of and to participate in the selection of any of the services provided by CCC.
  • All information shared with the CCC team is confidential and cannot be released to other parties without a student's consent.
  • All of CCC services are voluntary and the student has the right to request a change of the services provided or to withdraw consent to receive services at any time
  • Advocacy on behalf of a student may require communication with Academic Advisors, ARC Tutors, Faculty and other College personnel to ensure the student's needs are met.
  • This communication is limited to specific information that initiates the engagement of services and/or collaboration required to support goal achievement.
  • While written consent may not be requested in these instances, communications will be discussed with the student before sharing occurs.
  • In all other instances, consent to release information is given through the student's written authorization.


It is also important to understand the specific exceptions to confidentiality:

  • If CCC has knowledge, evidence, or reasonable concern regarding the abuse or neglect of a minor, we are ethically and legally required to initiate a report with the appropriate agency.
  • If CCC believes that there is a high risk that a student will physically harm him/herself, we will take protective actions which may involve reporting to the appropriate agencies for additional support and management.
  • If a student communicates an explicit intent/threat of serious physical harm to a clearly identifiable victim or victims and has the apparent intent and ability to carry out such a threat, CCC may be required to take protective actions. These actions may include notifying the potential victim and/or contacting the appropriate agencies.


If you have questions regarding this Consent for Services form or want more information regarding the types of services offered by CCC, you can discuss them with your assigned college counsellor or the Director.


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