The mission of Bermuda College is simple…
To provide a world-class academic foundation, at the tertiary level, for Bermuda’s students, to enable them to transition with confidence into colleges and universities overseas, or into entry-level careers of choice.

Thousands of Bermudians over the past 40 years have chosen Bermuda College as their first step on diverse paths to success, reflected in a variety of professional, academic or vocational careers.

Shallette Spencer Hughes

Shallette Victoria Spencer Hughes is studying Actuarial Science at Georgia State University and has been named to the President’s List for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.   To be eligible for the  President’s List, students must have maintained a 4.0 GPA for the semester and completed at least nine semester hours of academic credit with no incompletes. She is due to graduate in 2018.
MiaBlack alumni
Probation Officer, Department of Court Services
Associate in Arts and Science ‘Class of 2001’
“I’ve always been a conscientious student, but attending Bermuda College was definitely a helpful experience. Being there helped me to learn how to manage my time. Coming from the rigid structure of high school, you have to transition into having a lot more independence as a student. Bermuda College helped me to manage that new-found independence. When I left Bermuda College, I transferred to Mount Saint Vincent University and attained my Bachelors degree and a short time later began my Master’s Degree through Webster University when it was here.”
KeithCaesar alumni
Adult Services Information Desk Assistant Bermuda National Library
Certificate in General Studies ‘Class of 1998’
“The teachers pushed you to do things, and you get done what you have to get done! In my last year I was the Treasurer/Secretary of the Student Government Council. What I took form that experience stuck with me and developed me so that I assumed leadership roles when I went overseas. I was named Student of the Year in 2003, and was editor of the (overseas) University newspaper.”
MichikoCampbell alumni
Sous Chef at The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Founder - Chiko's Smokey Rub
Diploma in Culinary Arts ‘Class of 2010’

“Bermuda College was a very positive experience for me. It gave me insight into the culinary field and what to look forward to. It prepared me for further education in Culinary Arts overseas. Chefs Tenika Eve and Shawn Ming were great role models for me. I followed Chef Eve’s education path and attended Johnson & Wales University... Bermuda College was a huge help in preparing me for where I am today.”
JanellCastle alumni
Senior Actuarial Analyst, Allied World Bermuda
Associate Degree of Science (Actuarial Science) ‘Class of 2005’
“Dr. Ali Arouzi played a major role in helping me obtain my associate degree in 2 years. When Calculus was not offered due to lack of enrolment, Dr Arouzi taught me the material in his office over the Summer. This allowed me to challenge the course, move on to Calculus II, and ultimately stay on track for graduation.”


 JasonHayward alumni
President, Bermuda Public Services Union
Associate of Arts and Science ‘Class of 2003’

“During my time spent at Bermuda College, I developed an appetite for learning. The education I received at Bermuda College provided me with a solid foundation that was critical for further academic achievements.”
DesireeOConnorl alumni
Support Services Manager, Bermuda Housing Corporation
Diploma of Arts and Science ’Class of 1990’

I am very thankful for attending Bermuda College because it prepared me for university level work. Students like me graduated from high school at 16 years old. Bermuda College allows young people to explore options for careers with the benefits of being in a small environment.”
SergioPitcher alumni130
Owner, By the Numbers
Mathematics Instructor/Tutor, Bermuda College
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1999’

“I graduated from high school when I was 16 going on 17. I was still immature and unsure of my career path. It was an economical choice and it gave me the opportunity to experience college life without having to go overseas. I am glad I attended Bermuda College first. It prepared me and helped me mature. It certainly factored in my decision to become a math teacher, primarily because of the teacher there.”

ROSETTE SIMMONS (above left)
Chief Financial Officer, BESCO
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1987’

“I’m glad for Bermuda College from an academic standpoint. I was able to complete my pre-requisites before going away. I went into Morris Brown University as a sophomore, and by the end of my senior year I only had five classes to take. There is a transition from high school to college and Bermuda College helped me make the adjustment along with family support. It was quite an experience! There were a wide variety of extra-curricular classes offered at the time. I must have participated in just about every fashion show!”

RUSSELL RICHARDSON* (above centre)
Retired, Hospitality, Dept. of Corrections, Bermuda College Director of Security
Institute of Supervisory Management (ISM) Certificate ‘Class of 1981’

“The experience I gained was invaluable. I took my ISM while still working at H.M. Prisons (Department of Corrections), and shot through the ranks in the department. I served as President of the Prison Officers Union and was a training officer. I was the last person in charge of Casemates, and the last one to lock the gate there when it closed. Bermuda College took me a long way.”

*Mr. Richardson and his wife Jean (above right), met while attending the Hotel & Catering College, an antecedent of Bermuda College. All but one of Mr Richardsonʼs family, attended Bermuda College. His daughter Rosetteʼs profile is featured above. He is still active in the community and financially supports a Bermuda College student each year.


DrLeslieSteede alumni130
Director of Research, Global Research Associate Degree in Arts (Psychology)
‘Class of 1998’

“Bermuda College’s facilities and caring and dedicated staff made it the perfect first step for my postsecondary education. Dr. Sajni Tolaram’s English lectures and tutorials played a key role in helping to fine tune writing and analytical skills. Dr. Jeremiah Faries’ dynamic lectures and enthusiasm helped inspire an interest in psychology.”
TakiyahTucker alumni
Senior Analyst, Bermuda Monetary Authority
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1999’

“I found it convenient. I had my associate degree, and I discovered the Bachelor of Business Administration programme was available in Bermuda, at a time when I needed it. I was working three part-time jobs and by doing it here, I didn’t have to relocate…I believed I received more one-on-one attention than if I went to a bigger institution. All in all, I accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I enjoyed the experience and I’m very happy with my choice.”
CarlaZuill alumni130

Diploma in Arts and Science ‘Class of 1994’ “I loved my time at the College! I attended at a pivotal time as were the last ones to attend the former Roberts Avenue campus, and the first to attend the new Stonington campus. I really enjoyed taking Caribbean Literature with Mr. Frederick. He helped me discover my passion for writing. I thank him for his contribution to where I am today!”