The mission of Bermuda College is simple…
To provide a world-class academic foundation, at the tertiary level, for Bermuda’s students, to enable them to transition with confidence into colleges and universities overseas, or into entry-level careers of choice.

Thousands of Bermudians over the past 40 years have chosen Bermuda College as their first step on diverse paths to success, reflected in a variety of professional, academic or vocational careers.


Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams
Owner/Operator, K&K Catering
Operations Coordinator, Discover Bermuda
Associate of Applied Science (Culinary Arts) 'Class of 2016'
“I believe this is one of the best programmes offered at Bermuda College; the quality of instruction is extremely good for the price you pay.  My chefs were Bermudians that both went to prestigious culinary schools abroad - the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson & Wales - and had experience in the industry prior to teaching at Bermuda College.  Through their skills, passion and enthusiasm, they made the programme really wonderful.

I originally planned to study overseas, but couldn't afford it at the time.  Bermuda College offered the programme I needed and was budget friendly.  I learned so much ... team building, team effort, time management.  Hospitality will always have a place in my career.  It has inspired me to start my current business, with plans to expand and grow it as I go.  I also want to own my own restaurant someday.  If it wasn't for my two-year experience at Bermuda  College, I might not have had these aspirations!”
Cushi Ming
Cushi Ming
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – The Elevated Lifestyle
Senior Graphic Designer/Brand Consultant/Life Coach – Cushi Ming Creative Services
Business/Art & Design programme
“I really didn’t want to come to Bermuda College. I wanted to start a business straight out of high school and get out into the real world. My plan was to get a job and use that to start my business, but I was encouraged to go and get my education first. So, I decided to give it a try and came to Bermuda College, which turned out to be a blessing. My experience there was really amazing… From the people I met – students, faculty and staff – everyone played a part in my education. The Student Government Council played a big part in my grooming, and I ended up becoming Student Government President. The experience really helped me grow, and to get over some hurdles. I really recommend Bermuda College to everyone. You get a good education, meet lifelong friends, and leave feeling accomplished.”
Richard Zuill
Richard “Chef Rick” Zuill
Junior Sous Chef– Marcus’, Hamilton Princess
Professional Chef – 7 years
Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts
“I had a positive, great experience at Bermuda College. It was there I discovered I had dyslexia, but the faculty were very helpful in accommodating me and helping me to get where I needed to be. I started in Hospitality Management, which had a component of culinary arts and that’s where I ended up staying. The transition to the kitchen labs was an indescribable experience. It was as hands on as you can get. We literally ran the cafeteria as part of our experience, and actually worked in the dining room of various restaurants. They also taught the business skills of the industry. I loved learning different cuisine… making it all happen from concept to prep to execution. I remember in particular Chef Ming, Chef Lorenz (amazing), and Chef Eve with her motherly approach to teaching. Patricia Robinson (unforgettable teaching style), and the friendships of my classmates, with whom I still stay in contact. I would advise anyone considering Bermuda College, make it your own experience. Go. To. Class. And soak it all in. It’s a great programme for your associate degree. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Bermuda College.”
Trevor Blackwood
Trevor Blackwood
Workshop Technician/Security Officer – Bermuda College
Associate of Art and Design – Class of 2001
Certificate in HVAC 'Class of 2003'
“My experience at Bermuda College was positive and life-changing. While I was at the College, I was introduced to the heating/ventilation and air-conditioning programme by a former employee. At the time I had no formal trade and thought I needed one, and made the decision to become certified as a HVAC technician. It proved to be a wise one. I use these skills daily at the College and in my own home. My journey started out as a task, but then became enjoyable because of lecturers like Dr. Edwin Smith and Dr. Sajni Tolaram, both of whom still work at the College. I get fulfilment every day coming to work, thanks to the knowledge I attained at the College. To other students wanting to better themselves, don’t give up, and continue to strive to be the best that you can be.”
Sharundae Thompson
Sharundae Thompson
Self-employed - Technician Selfmade Maintenance & Major Appliances
Major Appliance Service & Repair Programme & Advanced Trouble Shooting 'Class of 2016'
“I first heard about the (Major Appliance Service & Repair) course in January 2015 on the radio, and thought this was something that I could do. Even before the class started I was up against the fence because I thought I missed the deadline to apply, and I felt that I wasn’t ready to go back to school. But I decided to give it a chance. The first day of, class Mr. (Cannoth) Roberts said the class is going to be hands on; we were getting our hands dirty from day one. By the time the class was over, I was hooked. After my first test, I saw how I could use the knowledge in real world situations. The class started off with baby steps but by the time I finished, I was running. I would tell anyone that if you’re good with your hands, or just want a quality education, Bermuda College is for you.”
Eron Woods
Eron Woods
Industry Relations Coordinator

Associate Degree – Culinary Arts (Bermuda College) 'Class of 2014'
Associate Degree – Baking/Pastry (Johnson & Wales)
Bachelor of Science – Food Service Entrepreneurship (Johnson & Wales) 'Class of 2017'
“I always knew what industry I wanted to be in, I just didn’t know the specific area. The professors and instructors at Bermuda College were very knowledgeable and definitely prepared me and my classmates. They made sure we grasped all the concepts, and each instructor had independent expertise in the hospitality field. For them to be able to relay that expertise to their lectures made it easier for us to be able to connect the dots and understand both theoretical concepts and practical application. I was able to transfer a year and a half of credits, so I started as a late sophomore, and went straight into the labs at Johnson & Wales. I would tell anybody interested in this field to take (your education) seriously. It’s a pivotal point in a young person’s life; it’s a transitional phase that leads into adulthood. Either follow the crowd or just get down to it.”
Rehanna Palumbo
Rehanna Palumbo
CHBA General Manager - Coco Reef Resort
Diploma, Hotel & Hospitality Management  'Class of 1985'
Property & Hospitality Management (Distance Education – Cornell University)
“I enrolled at the College when it was only $500 a year. I remember fee ling very welcomed. They had a welcoming committee for the new students and threw a party for us on the beach. It’s a much bigger campus now. Ironically, my career dream was to be the GM at this property. I’ve come full circle, and worked at various points along my hospitality career in just about every area. Back then, we had regular placements in various hotels. My first was at Elbow Beach, which allowed me to get my foot in the door. Since then, I’ve worked at Sonesta, Fairmont and enjoyed an internship at 4 Seasons in Toronto. I always had a job and, as a result, was able to move up the hospitality career ladder. I see Bermuda College as a stepping stone, opening up many opportunities. When I was a student we didn’t have the various articulation agreements with overseas partners that students have now. Times have changed. I would tell anyone to get a degree in their respective career interest. Be flexible. Be prepared to realise that now you have to be globally competitive; and the more knowledge you have about hospitality in Bermuda, the better.”
Paul Telford
Paul Telford
Chairman, Board of Directors, Bermuda Tourism Authority
Associates in Hospitality Management 'Class of 1994'
“My father was one of the first graduates in the Hospitality programme at the Hotel College. This was one of the reasons I became interested in hospitality. When the opportunity came for me to go to college, I had already made up my mind to go to Bermuda College before I went overseas. I felt I wasn’t ready yet to go to university, and Bermuda College was my stepping stone to becoming independent. When I finally did go away, I was prepared to jump right into the programme at the University of Buckingham and excel. Young Bermudians need to understand what Bermuda College can do to help you to further your education. Barbara O'Shaughnessy was one of the lecturers that really helped me. She gave me that extra push when it was needed. To anyone wanting to go further in your education, Bermuda College is the place to start. It’s a great stepping stone for the next chapter of your life.”
Iejah Caines
Iejah Caines
Ministry of Public Works Department
Diploma in Masonry Technology 'Class of 2013'
“What made me choose Bermuda College, was the fact I was starting a masonry trade and didn’t know anything about it. Once I got into the class and started to learn more about the trade, I really started to like it. I found my experience very informative, because I was being taught by a Bermudian who knew the trade and really opened my eyes to what is available out there. The class really helped me not just with the masonry side of things, we also talked about engineering, surveying, and all other types of elements in the masonry industry. This helped with my first job when I was one of the workers on construction of the wall just past the Paget stoplights. The experience that I received from the College really has helped my career, and I would like to say to anyone, ‘Don’t let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams’. Bermuda College really helped me in what I want to do, and with the help of faculty and my class mates, I was able to walk across that stage and receive my diploma."
Tariq Lynch-Wade
Tariq Lynch-Wade
Bermuda Aviation Service
Airline Pilot/Aviation Regulator
Certificate in General Studies - Class of 1997
Jacksonville University (in association with Delta Connection Academy)
Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management and Flight Operations - Class of 2003

“When I came to Bermuda College after graduating from Berkeley, I knew I had to further my education. The Police Cadets gave me that opportunity. I could go to the College while earning a little salary to help around the house and save up for university or flight school. My experience at the College was an eye-opener because it helped me to mature. If you didn’t go to class or do your homework, it was on you. It’s not the responsibility of your parents; it’s your responsibility. Bermuda College made me accountable for my actions. This maturity lesson helped when I went away to aviation school, in my careers as a flight instructor, pilot, aviation regulator, and throughout life.
To anyone wanting to further your education at Bermuda College, don’t hesitate. It’s one of the best decisions that you can make. This was my stepping stone to my career success. Step outside your comfort zone. You will be surprised at what you will learn.”
Ashley Trott
Ashley Stone
Department of Libraries & Archives
Accounts Officer & Administrative Assistant
Associates Business Administration 'Class of 2008'
“I went away to school, but found the school and area was not a good fit for me in the long term. I came back to Bermuda, wanted to continue my education and enrolled at Bermuda College. I found the experience to be a much better fit for me. I enjoyed my classes and lecturers. I also liked the fact that going to the College did not hinder my ability to work, and the schedule allowed a good work/life balance. My time at the College opened me up to an opportunity that I would not have previously thought about while I completed an Associates in Business Administration, I also took a couple of hospitality-related courses, and spent six years working in the hotel industry.
It has since helped me move up the career ladder in my current organisation. Enjoy the time there and remember that there are many resources and people there to help you succeed. There is a great support system not just with faculty but within the student body as well.”
Zeldon Trott
Zeldon Trott
Protection and Control Engineer
Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts
Associates in Science (Electronics) 'Class of 1997'
“One of the main reasons I came to Bermuda College, was because I couldn’t afford going away to university. The College was a good stepping stone whether starting your career or going off to university. When I started at the College I was able to start working at the Tynes Bay incinerator while coming to school; adjusting to college life, homework, and staying on top of my subjects. When I started working at BELCO they saw that I was at Bermuda College, and once I received my associate’s degree, I was able to get the job that I have now. If you’re not mature enough to go away to university or just don’t have the funds yet, I would recommend Bermuda College and get a feel for college life before you go away. This is a first step and one of my greatest steps.”
Stan Douglas
Building Supervisor at Washington Properties Ltd.
Secretary-General of the Bermuda Olympic Association
Diploma in Accounting ‘Class of 1971’
“When I started Bermuda College, I was at the old Roberts Avenue campus, and interested in accounting at the time. The skills and the platform that it gave me, doing college level management, economics, alongside my accounting course, gave us a leg up on the average person. After doing the CGA programme I worked in one of the companies in Hamilton. I then left and started to work in the hotel industry at the Marriot Hotel and this is where I really started to blossom. The lesson that I learnt from the College and from my experience in the working world really prepared me for success. Bermuda College is a great place to start your career and prepare you for working in the field of your choice.”
Thomas Christopher Famous
Plant Technician - Bermuda Electric Light Company
Certificate in Automotive Mechanics - ’Class of 1989’
“When I came to Bermuda College, it was at the Roberts Avenue campus, and I was in the automotive programme. Some of my instructors that come to mind are (the late) Mr. John Carey, Dean of Technology and Mr. Terry Greene. They were a real inspiration and help to me during my time at the College teaching me technical drawing and metal work. Bermuda College really helped me be prepared for the world. I would have never worked at BELCO, if it wasn’t for the College. They just didn’t teach you the mechanics side, they also taught us the business side as well. Take advantage of Bermuda College. It provides great preparation for you to be able to go into your field of work.”
Graham Foster
Graham Foster Art
Diploma in Fine Arts - ’Class of 1990’
“I always drew when I was growing up… but I never thought of art as a career. Until I was 18, I was thinking of becoming a fisherman. Not much art was done, and consequently I was rejected from 10 different London art colleges when I applied for a BA course. This was a somewhat humbling experience, and I returned to Bermuda College for a year’s diploma course, where Charles Zuill, and Diana Amos kick-started a real interest in art. If the artistic fire is really burning, and is a true passion, young artists should give it a shot if able to. Always have something to fall back on though. My “go-to” job is as a qualified bartender. I'm armed with a C+ in mixology from Bermuda College...”
Larry Mussenden
Director of Public Prosecutions, Department of Public Prosecutions
Diploma in Data Processing - ‘Class of 1982’
“I started Bermuda College with the Police Cadet programme, completing 2 years in the Data Processing programme. After I finished, it provided me a year of credits when I went off to Acadia University. The College and the Police Cadets were the starting point for me as I started looking at career paths. Mr. Jansheed Kham, was one of the computer and math teachers that really helped me at my time at the College. The class size at the time was pretty small, about ten people in the class, so this really helped with getting the most from the lecturer. He was able to give us one-on-one attention. Bermuda College is a great place for students to adjust to the transition from high school to college before they leave the island to go to university. It also helps with the financial side of saving for college.”
Carlton Crockwell
Chief Operating Officer (COO) - Bermuda Security Group
Associate of Applied Science (Business Administration) - ‘Fall 2002 - Spring 2004’
“I actually came to Bermuda College twice; the first time at the Roberts Avenue campus, then fifteen years later I came back to the College a second time at the Stonington campus. This time I was much older than most of the kids in class, so they started to call me Uncle Carlton. This is where I met Dr. Wilson who, along with my wife, was a big help to me. Craig Simons was another lecturer that really helped with undertaking my graduate (Masters) degree at the University of Liverpool. All of my hard work has paid off because I’m about to graduate with my Masters. The College has helped me as an older student to fulfil my dreams and to continue my education. It’s a great place for all ages to come and learn, and succeed.”
Shallette Spencer Hughes

Shallette Victoria Spencer Hughes is studying Actuarial Science at Georgia State University and has been named to the President’s List for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017.   To be eligible for the  President’s List, students must have maintained a 4.0 GPA for the semester and completed at least nine semester hours of academic credit with no incompletes. She is due to graduate in 2018.
MiaBlack alumni
Probation Officer, Department of Court Services
Associate in Arts and Science ‘Class of 2001’
“I’ve always been a conscientious student, but attending Bermuda College was definitely a helpful experience. Being there helped me to learn how to manage my time. Coming from the rigid structure of high school, you have to transition into having a lot more independence as a student. Bermuda College helped me to manage that new-found independence. When I left Bermuda College, I transferred to Mount Saint Vincent University and attained my Bachelors degree and a short time later began my Master’s Degree through Webster University when it was here.”
KeithCaesar alumni
Adult Services Information Desk Assistant Bermuda National Library
Certificate in General Studies ‘Class of 1998’
“The teachers pushed you to do things, and you get done what you have to get done! In my last year I was the Treasurer/Secretary of the Student Government Council. What I took form that experience stuck with me and developed me so that I assumed leadership roles when I went overseas. I was named Student of the Year in 2003, and was editor of the (overseas) University newspaper.”
MichikoCampbell alumni
Sous Chef at The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Founder - Chiko's Smokey Rub
Diploma in Culinary Arts ‘Class of 2010’

“Bermuda College was a very positive experience for me. It gave me insight into the culinary field and what to look forward to. It prepared me for further education in Culinary Arts overseas. Chefs Tenika Eve and Shawn Ming were great role models for me. I followed Chef Eve’s education path and attended Johnson & Wales University... Bermuda College was a huge help in preparing me for where I am today.”
JanellCastle alumni
Senior Actuarial Analyst, Allied World Bermuda
Associate Degree of Science (Actuarial Science) ‘Class of 2005’
“Dr. Ali Arouzi played a major role in helping me obtain my associate degree in 2 years. When Calculus was not offered due to lack of enrolment, Dr Arouzi taught me the material in his office over the Summer. This allowed me to challenge the course, move on to Calculus II, and ultimately stay on track for graduation.”


 JasonHayward alumni
President, Bermuda Public Services Union
Associate of Arts and Science ‘Class of 2003’

“During my time spent at Bermuda College, I developed an appetite for learning. The education I received at Bermuda College provided me with a solid foundation that was critical for further academic achievements.”
DesireeOConnorl alumni
Support Services Manager, Bermuda Housing Corporation
Diploma of Arts and Science ’Class of 1990’

I am very thankful for attending Bermuda College because it prepared me for university level work. Students like me graduated from high school at 16 years old. Bermuda College allows young people to explore options for careers with the benefits of being in a small environment.”
SergioPitcher alumni130
Planet Math Tutoring Academy Founder
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1999’

“I graduated from high school when I was 16 going on 17. I was still immature and unsure of my career path. It was an economical choice and it gave me the opportunity to experience college life without having to go overseas. I am glad I attended Bermuda College first. It prepared me and helped me mature. It certainly factored in my decision to become a math teacher, primarily because of the teacher there.”

ROSETTE SIMMONS (above left)
Chief Financial Officer, BESCO
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1987’

“I’m glad for Bermuda College from an academic standpoint. I was able to complete my pre-requisites before going away. I went into Morris Brown University as a sophomore, and by the end of my senior year I only had five classes to take. There is a transition from high school to college and Bermuda College helped me make the adjustment along with family support. It was quite an experience! There were a wide variety of extra-curricular classes offered at the time. I must have participated in just about every fashion show!”

RUSSELL RICHARDSON* (above centre)
Retired, Hospitality, Dept. of Corrections, Bermuda College Director of Security
Institute of Supervisory Management (ISM) Certificate ‘Class of 1981’

“The experience I gained was invaluable. I took my ISM while still working at H.M. Prisons (Department of Corrections), and shot through the ranks in the department. I served as President of the Prison Officers Union and was a training officer. I was the last person in charge of Casemates, and the last one to lock the gate there when it closed. Bermuda College took me a long way.”

*Mr. Richardson and his wife Jean (above right), met while attending the Hotel & Catering College, an antecedent of Bermuda College. All but one of Mr Richardsonʼs family, attended Bermuda College. His daughter Rosetteʼs profile is featured above. He is still active in the community and financially supports a Bermuda College student each year.


DrLeslieSteede alumni130
Director of Research, Global Research Associate Degree in Arts (Psychology)
‘Class of 1998’

“Bermuda College’s facilities and caring and dedicated staff made it the perfect first step for my postsecondary education. Dr. Sajni Tolaram’s English lectures and tutorials played a key role in helping to fine tune writing and analytical skills. Dr. Jeremiah Faries’ dynamic lectures and enthusiasm helped inspire an interest in psychology.”
TakiyahTucker alumni
Senior Analyst, Bermuda Monetary Authority
Associate in Business Administration ‘Class of 1999’

“I found it convenient. I had my associate degree, and I discovered the Bachelor of Business Administration programme was available in Bermuda, at a time when I needed it. I was working three part-time jobs and by doing it here, I didn’t have to relocate…I believed I received more one-on-one attention than if I went to a bigger institution. All in all, I accomplished what I set out to accomplish. I enjoyed the experience and I’m very happy with my choice.”
CarlaZuill alumni130

Diploma in Arts and Science ‘Class of 1994’ “I loved my time at the College! I attended at a pivotal time as were the last ones to attend the former Roberts Avenue campus, and the first to attend the new Stonington campus. I really enjoyed taking Caribbean Literature with Mr. Frederick. He helped me discover my passion for writing. I thank him for his contribution to where I am today!”