Chartered Institute of Legal Executives CILEx

Programme Overview

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) is the governing membership body for Legal Executives.

Professional Diploma in Law and Practice  CILEx Level 3

The Professional Diploma in Law and Practice is a broad-based, practical introduction to law and legal practice. It requires that students achieve across key areas of law and legal practice. Individuals with no previous academic qualification should complete the Certificate in Legal Studies prior to entering the Professional Diploma.


Required Courses

  • LAW840 Introduction to Law & Practice
  • LAW841 Contract Law
  • LAW842 Criminal Law
  • LAW843 Land Law
  • LAW844 Law of Tort
  • LAW845 **Criminal Litigation Practice
    (Linked to Criminal Law)
  • LAW855 Client Care Skills
  • LAW856 Legal Research Skills
  • LAW890 **Civil Litigation Practice
    (Linked to Contract Law & Law of Tort)

PLUS 1 Elective Courses

(Choice module from the selection below)

  • LAW846 **Family Law
    (Linked to the Practice of Family Law)
  • LAW892 **Employment Law
    (Linked to Practice of Employment Law)
  • LAW893 Law of Wills and Succession


Prerequisite: College Placement Test English score of 89 or above.

Courses for this designation rotate.
Certification can be earned in 3 years by completing 3 - 4 courses per year.
**Each level 3 unit provides a foundation for the study of it related practice unit so one must take the relevant combination of linked units.

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