National Certification Council for Activities Professionals NCCAP

Certificate for Activities Specialist

The National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) is a U.S. certifying body that exclusively certifies activity professionals who work with the elderly. The Certificate for Activities Specialists is the first of the three levels. It will prepare participants with the skills and competencies needed to develop and deliver interactive activities programmes for seniors.

Students entering this programme must be proficient in the English language and competent in the use of Microsoft Word™. Graduates will be eligible to sit the National Certificate for Activities Professionals (NCCAP) exam. This is a six-month programme.


First Semester
Behavioural Science and Adult Client Populations    TDS REC1
Students will be introduced to the continuum of care settings in Bermuda and review the demographics and characteristics of Bermuda’s aging population. They will learn the basic functions and duties of the activities professional: to design, deliver, and evaluate activity services for seniors across the continuum of care.

Second Semester
Professional Approach to Care and Care Planning Practices    TDS REC2

Students will identify the different levels of programming for low-, moderate-, and high-functioning clients and will create activity protocols for each level. They will apply principles of management, in the role of an activities professional: the principles of planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling.

The programme will culminate in a one-week, full-time clinical experience in an approved caregiving setting under the supervision of a recreational therapist. Prerequisite: TDS REC 1 & TDS REC 2

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