Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Programme

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  • To provide an Introductory Course for those wishing to pursue a career in pre-hospital medicine
  • To continue to establish a career pathway for health care that meets the needs of the community: 
    Nursing Assistant > EMT> Paramedic > Registered Nurse

The definition of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is:  “An individual who has successfully completed the U.S. DOT’s (Department of Transportation) EMT National Standard Training Program or its equivalent and approved by a state emergency medical services program or other authorized agency. The curriculum for the EMT – Basic (EMT) deals with the assessment and care of the ill or injured patient”.   


  • Personal safety
  • Safety of the crew, patient and bystanders
  • Patient assessment
  • Patient care
  • Lifting and moving
  • Transport
  • Transfer of care
  • Patient advocacy


  • Be in good health
  • Fit to carry out your duties e.g. carry people up or down stairs, across the beach on a backboard, lift the patient from the floor to the stretcher etc.


  • The EMT course is a 15 week course with theoretical and practical components.
  • The practical component will be in the classroom initially and then in the clinical setting – on the ambulance(s) and Emergency

Fall 2016
TDS EMT1  The Emergency Medical Technician Programme
Tuesday and Thursday: 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
$ 2195.00


All persons applying to the EMT Programme must:

  1. Be 18 years and older
  2. Have to be physically fit
  3. Have completed College level Math and English or meet the required level on the Computerized Placement Test (CPT) at the Bermuda College.(Must provide proof to the PACE Division before you can submit your registration form)

Your next steps to getting started on your educational experience with us are outlined below:

  1. Submit a PACE Registration form to the Student Enrolment Registration and Records (SERR) Office.
  2. Submit payment to the Business Office.
  3. Purchase your textbooks from the Bermuda College Bookstore.
  4. Submit your Police Records and Medical certificates (detailed below) to the PACE office no later than 2 weeks prior to the course.

The following screenings and certificates are mandatory for all students in the programme. Screenings are available at the Health Department, King Edward Memorial Hospital or your private doctor:

  1. Tuberculosis (TB) Test
  2. Hepatitis B Test and/or Shot as Required
  3. Tetanus Shot
  4. Drug Screening (King Edward Memorial Hospital only)
  5. CPR Certificate (American Heart Association)
  6. Criminal Record Check

Please note that students will not be permitted to enroll in the programme without having furnished evidence of successful completion of all the above screenings as they are mandatory requirements for all who work in the local hospitals or licensed government health care facilities.

Please also note that the Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Bermuda Government reserve the right to refuse access to any individual deemed to be unsuitable to work in Bermuda’s local health care facilities.