Close up of pi writing The Bermuda College Support Staff Association held a PD Day on Friday, 22 October 2021. The theme of the event was Health and Wellness. A Virtual conference was planned in order for support staff working from home and on campus to attend. 

Professional Development (PD) Day: Health & Wellness 

Kudos to the Support Staff Association (SSA) for a successful Professional Development (PD) Day. The October Health & Wellness theme was its focus, and activities were aligned accordingly. SSA President, Paul Hardtman noted in opening remarks that everyone had to face the challenges of Covid and the new normal. “Our bodies are a direct reflection of what’s going on in your mind. In order to be successful in improving the quality of your life you must change your mindset,” he said. “We hope to help each other build a strong foundation as we strive to makes changes in our lives and how we approach its challenges.”

pd day parkingLot selfie

Most of the sessions were virtual and included a ‘Chat on Health’, ‘Body Movement and You’ – a low impact fitness routine, and a virtual cooking demonstration featuring Senior Lecturer and Chef, Dr. Teneika Eve, with a delicious recipe for lemon chicken and potatoes.

lemon chicken

To round out the afternoon and the day, support staff had the option of participating in  actual Meditative Walkie Walks. Those living in the eastern end of the Island took the scenic route around Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve with Ms. Robin Ingham. For those living in the west, Mr. Hardtman embarked on an unguided tour of the Whale Bay Trails with the lovely view of the Atlantic from the Whale Bay Park.

east walk

Verbal feedback of the event was positive. The SSA is planning to continue to ply it's members with health tips, recipes and general information a monthly basis and is hopeful of sponsoring more events throughout the year.

west walk teamwork