Students previously enrolled at Bermuda College and who have not been in attendance for a minimum of two academic years are identified as returning students. These students must submit the following:

  • Complete the Application
  • Present your Bermuda Passport with Registered Status Stamp, proof of Bermudian Status or Entry Visa
  • Submit official transcripts for studies outside Bermuda College since last enrolled, if applicable
  • Pay the application fee (non-refundable) see Tuition & Finance
  • Complete the Medical Disclosure Form

If students have been away from Bermuda College for five years or more they may be eligible for the Fresh Start programme.
Bermuda College recognises that students who have previously enrolled at the institution may not have performed at a level that reflects their true academic ability. In recognition of this, the College has adopted an Academic Fresh Start policy which is offered to students who re-enrol at the institution to complete a programme of study after five (5) years absence. In order to be eligible for an Academic Fresh Start, students must not have been enrolled in any post-secondary institutions for at least five (5) years. This does not apply to enrolment in professional or career education courses.

Prior to applying for Academic Fresh Start, review the following terms and conditions: Students must apply for the Academic Fresh Start through the Student Enrolment, Registration and Records (SERR) Office at the commencement of re-admission but no later than the mid-term break of the first semester of reenrolment. NOTE: Academic Fresh Start applies only to courses taken at Bermuda College prior to readmission.

  • Students should meet with a counsellor to discuss their academic goals.
  • Students must appear before a committee consisting of the Dean, the student’s counsellor and advisor to review first semester grades and the application form. This committee will approve or decline the application and forward the decision to the SERR Office.
  • Students must understand that all grades earned at Bermuda College will remain on the official transcript; however, only grades earned after the awarding of the Academic Fresh Start will be calculated in the final GPA. Their transcripts will also be annotated such that it is clear that an Academic Fresh Start has been granted.
  • An Academic Fresh Start will be granted only once and is not automatic or guaranteed.
  • An Academic Fresh Start does not apply to any completed degree or certificate. An Academic Fresh Start is irreversible; once applied it cannot be reversed.
  • Once an Academic Fresh start is granted, prior coursework cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite or degree requirements.
  • Students granted Academic Fresh Start will fall under the Bermuda College Catalogue in effect at the time their Fresh Start was granted.
  • Appeal Process: If students wish to appeal the decision of the committee, the appeal must be made in writing to the Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs, whose decision will be final.

Academic Fresh Start Application