Thaao Dill Recruitment Officer

Do the Math

Your money matters to you, the amount you’ve got and what you can do with it. Basically, you use your money to buy things that will improve your day. Bikes, trips, phones, clothes, etc. However, if you invested the same amount – or even a little less, depending – in an education at the Bermuda College, you’ll be on the path towards a career that’ll buy you more of those things for the rest of your life. It’s the difference between getting something now and getting closer to everything you want just a little while later. All through an education here at BC.

Finish The Thought

You’re here because you’ve done the math, and you know that it just makes sense. If you need some extra help to make the numbers work, click here and find out what financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available for you. Apply today – either online by clicking here, or by calling 239-4099 - and we’ll support you through the entire process of joining the Bermuda College family. It’s what we’re here for.