Associate of Arts Degrees (AA)

The AA degree is designed to prepare students for entry into the junior (3rd) year of a four-year institution. The AA degree is a university parallel, college transfer degree comprised of at least sixty (60) college credits of which thirty six (36) are general education credits.

Associate of Arts, Art and Design

The Associate of Arts (Art and Design) is structured to provide students with the foundation for careers in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, while keeping pace with current career trends.
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Associate of Arts

In the academic world, Arts refer mainly to the disciplines of Humanities (Art History, English Literature, History, and Languages), and Social Sciences (Economics, Psychology and Sociology).
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Associate of Arts and Science

The Associate of Arts and Science exposes students to many disciplines which provide the foundation for a well-rounded education.
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Associate of Arts (Business Administration)

This two-year programme prepares students for transfer into a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, which may be obtained either locally (see MSVU BBA) or overseas.
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Associate of Arts, Human Services

This programme is designed for those students/ practitioners who wish to pursue a career in human services, particularly pre-school education, early childhood education, primary middle school education, and teaching as a paraprofessional.
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