BC Nursing students practice CPRBermuda College has opened its new academic session, launching a new academic division and a bumper crop of new academic partnerships.

Nursing student with Patient

New Academic Session Sees New Division Added and New Academic Partners Signed

Bermuda College opened its new academic session launching a new academic division and a bumper crop of new academic partnerships. Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs, Dr. Phyllis Curtis-Tweed said the two initiatives exposed Bermuda’s students to so much more in the form of direct access and exclusive acceptance into academic pathways for a variety of professional careers.

The new Division of Nursing & Allied Health is supported and endorsed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board community, as well as the Bermuda Nursing Council, and offers students the choice of either a general pre-health track for careers in health science, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and physician assistant; or the pre-medical track which provides career pathways in more traditional medical fields such as pre-med, nursing, and veterinary science. The new Division will pilot its first student cohort for the pre-health track later this month. Director of Nursing Education, Kathy-Ann Swan said her team is ready. “It is a pleasure to announce the expansion of our health care course offerings through the development of the Division of Nursing and Allied Health, set to be on offer in 2019. It provides greater options in health care education in Bermuda.

Bermuda College continues to address the evolving needs of its community and in this case, health care. An Allied Health Advisory Team was established representing key stakeholders in Allied Health across the Island. It was through this team that pertinent allied health curricula were identified and recommendations proposed.

The creation of the Division of Nursing and Allied Health is an exciting initiative for Bermuda College. We extend our appreciation to all team members involved in the process.”

The College has also been working diligently over the past year in forging nearly 30 impressive academic partnerships with accredited four-year institutions in Canada, the UK, the US and the West Indies. The articulated agreements provide exceptional academic opportunities for career pathways for Bermuda’s students ranging from Educational Studies and Digital Design to Forensic Psychology, Strategic Human Resources, Financial Mathematics, and more, providing exclusive access to the third (or junior year) of four-year partnering institutions in the United States and Canada.

“We are pleased to be able to offer more diverse programmes in the four major jurisdictions that Bermuda’s students generally study,” said Dr. Curtis-Tweed. “We are confident in our ability to provide parity in the quality of our instruction at Bermuda College, with those that our students will receive to the transfer institution, and we’re discovering these institutions prefer to admit students with an associate degree because they’re better prepared for the academic rigours of tertiary study.”

“The relationships we’ve forged offer quality programmes that are recognised internationally. For example, an associate degree in pertinent subject areas/programmes from Bermuda College will guarantee admission in the University of Buckingham’s (UK) Business Programme, whose actuarial science concentration ranks 4th or 5th in the United Kingdom; or in its one-year rigorous Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours Programme.”

Other examples cited are equally impressive.

An associate degree in hospitality management from Bermuda College will provide entry at the junior level at the University of New Brunswick in Canada to a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management in Hospitality and Tourism; while advanced math, accounting or statistics courses at Bermuda College will earn advanced standing for the Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics at UNB.

Voorhees College, an HBCU, located in South Carolina, offers baccalaureates in Organisational Management, Theological Studies, Public Health, and Sports Management, upon gaining an associate of arts or associate of science degree from Bermuda College; while East Carolina University offers Bermuda College graduates of the associates of science (science), or hospitality programmes, baccalaureate degrees in Chemistry, Coastal and Marine Science, Applied Geography and Hospitality Management, respectively.

“These agreements mean that all of the credits of an associate degree programme will transfer seamlessly to our partner academic institutions,” said Curtis-Tweed. “These arrangements are a testament to the quality of the degree programmes available at Bermuda College. Begin or further your tertiary education at Bermuda College to securely connect you to your future.”

For a full listing of Bermuda College associate degree options and their partnering institutions and programmes, visit www.college.bm/pathways